Summer Fun: Watch a Movie

despicable me movie

Make a memory and enjoy a movie together as a family. Here are some inexpensive ways to do it as well as a list of film recommendations. This post does include affiliate links. If you make a purchase through those links, I am paid a small amount in way of advertising fees. We are big […]

iPhone Apps that Can Help You

favorite apps for iphone

The right iPhone apps can help you make light of every day chores and add enjoyment to your life. About a year ago I broke down and bought an iPhone. I bought the iPhone4 for $99, exactly $99 more than I had ever paid for a phone. Up until that point, all my cell phones, […]

Zone Defense: Organizing Your Traveling Equipment


This year we’re back on Zone Defense, tackling clutter and getting our homes more in order. This month, we set our sights on organizing our traveling and vacation equipment. (At my boys’ hockey games they play inspirational music during warm-ups and right before a face-off, so here’s a little music to get you going before the […]

Zone Defense: The School Room

school room cubbies

Are you on Zone Defense with us this year? We’re moving through the house, zone by zone, tackling clutter and putting things in order. This year, we’re on Zone Defense. Each month’s challenge is to tackle a different area of the home, setting it to rights, dejunking and decluttering, and otherwise organizing that space. This […]

Kitchen Chores for Kids

kitchen chores for kids

Participating in kitchen clean-up is good for kids and for parents. Here’s how it works at our house. I remember when my eldest child was just five years old. We gave him the job of busboy. I bought a small plastic dishpan. After each meal, he would load it up with the dishes and take […]

The Ultimate Guide to Getting Organized on a Budget


I’ve struggled over the years with wanting to “organize” all our stuff and get it in nice Pinterest-worthy order. I don’t usually have the inclination or the budget to pull it off. Today Life as MOM contributor Prerna shows us how to organize on a budget. As someone who tries to get the maximum bang […]

Tackling the Living Areas (Zone Defense)


This year we’re back on Zone Defense, tackling clutter and getting our homes more in order. This month, we set our sights on the living areas. I have lived in six different homes in my almost nineteen years of marriage. A couple were short-term rentals, but each of the others was a place we wanted […]

Keep the Laundry Room Clean! (Zone Defense)

Keeping laundry room clean

THIS makes me happy. It gives me the feeling that at least somewhere in my house is peace and order. Forget the fact that my office is buried in piles. I can just go to the laundry room and gaze on clean surfaces. Since I came up with my new laundry system, the laundry area […]