Toolin’ Up Tuesday: Quicken


A good tool is a beautiful thing. And let me tell you, we know about tools around here. The garage is full of them. But, a tool is only as good as the extent to which it helps you do your job well. One “job” that I have is to keep track of how we […]

Toolin’ Up Tuesday: What Helps You Relax?


Over the last few weeks as I’ve faced wild nights of contractions, I’ve had plenty of practice putting relaxation techniques into action. Yesterday was no different as I attempted to “just let my uterus go” with each contraction. Relaxation is key to helping hard working muscles. It’s also helpful when nursing and, well, basically, every […]

Toolin’ Up Tuesday: The Baby Edition


Well, the jury’s still out on whether Toolin’ Up Tuesday stays or goes. If you haven’t done so already, please vote in the poll in the sidebar or leave a comment here about this feature. In honor of my big, big belly, this week’s T.U.T. is Everything Baby. What is a baby “tool” that you […]

What Do YOU Think?

So, I’ve added a poll to the sidebar. I’d like to know your opinion: Do you enjoy the Toolin’ Up Tuesday posts? Are they helpful to you? Will you participate if I continue to do them? Is there a way that you would modify or improve them? Please give your input in the comments section. […]

Toolin’ Up Tuesday: The Back to School Edition

Stack of Library Books --- Image by © Royalty-Free/Corbis

If you’ve been to Walmart or Target since the Fourth of July, you’ve probably had ample time to review the mass amounts of back to school items that are now available. Those marketers, they know how to get us thinking ahead of schedule, don’t they? Since the days this month and into next signify a […]

Toolin’ Up Tuesday: Jesse Tree Ornaments


Ok, so previously we’ve established that FishMama’s definition of “tool” is something that makes your job as MOM easier or better. Over the past few weeks, we’ve talked about cleaning tools, kitchen gadgets, baby things. This week, since it’s All Things Christmas, I wanted to talk about something that makes our Christmas better: our Jesus […]

Toolin’ Up Tuesday: Swiffer Wetjet


For Clean Sweep week, I thought I’d share one of our favorite cleaning tools: the Swiffer Wetjet. Love it! Love it! It’s basically a mop with a self-contained dispenser of floor cleaner. It has a wonderful button that you push that automatically shoots cleaner where you need it. But, I must admit that we’ve “doctored” […]

Toolin’ Up Tuesday: Double Stroller


At the Fish House, tools are defined as anything that helps you do your job better. Early in our marriage, FishPapa asserted this fact. As a contractor’s wife, I needed to understand the benefit that quality tools would make toward our livelihood — in both dollars and sense. (No, this was not clever manuevering on […]