How Not to Let Social Media Sharing Pull You Down

setting in phone

Has social media sharing become too much “keeping up with the Joneses”? (Sorry, Jones family.) Consider these tips from Life as MOM contributor Prerna to help you keep your virtual social in check. It’s happened to all of us. We’re there on Facebook and we see a bunch of photos of a friend we’ve not […]

The Day Google Reader Died


I remember it well. It came with warning, but I didn’t really heed it. I was in denial for a long time. I still am. I still wish for it to come back. Google Reader, why did you have to leave us? I’ve tried bloglovin. I’ve tried following my favorite blogs on Facebook. I’ve tried […]

Technology and the Life as MOM

turn off your phone

Technology can make or break us. We must use it wisely. Technology is everywhere we look. I’m amazed to think about it since my college experience, some twenty years ago, was completely void of email. Don’t even think about the world wide web. I just went to the library. We live in a time when […]

Candy Mosaics & More Good Reads

candy mosaics

Last week we studied the Byzantine Empire, that included mosaics. Confounded by the lack of supplies for a true mosaic project in my trip through Walmart, I broke down and bought candy and canned frosting. Candy mosaics? Could just make you Mother of the Year. (Just imagine those are great works of edible art.) In […]

I Hate Cleaning

clean kitchen

Daily housekeeping can be a chore. But, with a few tricks, we can change-up our systems and put the joy back in having a clean house. There, I admitted it. I hate cleaning. I love things to be clean, but it really takes effort to motivate me. Kind of like exercising. I love how it […]

Do You Find It Pinteresting?

pinterest boards

  In case you hadn’t heard, Pinterest is the new obsession. Folks are spending hours, days, weeks pinning cool things on the internet to their pinboards. And I don’t use the word obsession lightly. I’ve crossed paths with a few pin-aholics. You can spot them whenever there’s an entire spread of similarly themed pins that […]

Things that Make Me Go “Hmmm.”

waste please

This picture proves the importance of understanding grammar! Is waste a verb or a noun? Thankfully, in this instance it’s a noun. Put waste, or trash, here. Good Reads It seems I’ve been coming across lots of interesting stuff this past week. Or I’ve spent too much time surfing. Either way, I’ve had lots of good […]

Survive December Dinnertimes

Wondering how to survive dinnertimes this month? December. Dinnertime. Disaster or Deliciousness? The month can be full of busy-ness. But, dinnertime doesn’t need to suffer. With a few tricks and some simplified thinking, your family’s evenings can be delicious and delightful. Check out my guest post over at Simple Mom where I share a December […]