Candy Mosaics & More Good Reads

candy mosaics

Last week we studied the Byzantine Empire, that included mosaics. Confounded by the lack of supplies for a true mosaic project in my trip through Walmart, I broke down and bought candy and canned frosting. Candy mosaics? Could just make you Mother of the Year. (Just imagine those are great works of edible art.) In […]

I Hate Cleaning

clean kitchen

Daily housekeeping can be a chore. But, with a few tricks, we can change-up our systems and put the joy back in having a clean house. There, I admitted it. I hate cleaning. I love things to be clean, but it really takes effort to motivate me. Kind of like exercising. I love how it […]

Things that Make Me Go “Hmmm.”

waste please

This picture proves the importance of understanding grammar! Is waste a verb or a noun? Thankfully, in this instance it’s a noun. Put waste, or trash, here. Good Reads It seems I’ve been coming across lots of interesting stuff this past week. Or I’ve spent too much time surfing. Either way, I’ve had lots of good […]

When Life Hands You Sick Kids…

My family is down for the count. Last Friday FishChick3 was throwing up and feverish. The fever continued through the weekend and has now left us with a snotty-nosed, short-fused little one. Slowly, the rest of the kids AND FishPapa have succombed to the virus. I’m the only one still standing. And yes, I’m downing […]

Super Duper Weekend Reading

See that boy? He has been a bookworm from day one. He practically taught himself to read. At 9 he can whip through multiple chapter books in a day. The problem? We run out of good reading. He checked out a dozen books from the library on Monday and told me on Thursday that he had […]

Plan + Ideas = 1 Fun Mom

dinosaur posters

My friend JessieLeigh has been a joy to watch this summer. She has been using the Summer Survival Guide to teach her kids about a wealth of topics and to have fun with them during their break from school. In her recent post, Setting Up Camp, JessieLeigh reveals what her process was for setting up […]

Cute & Clever Kitchen Tricks

pancake art

photo source I’ve discovered the fun of Pinterest. I signed up a month or two ago — and it’s been quite fun to see some beautifully creative ideas at-a-glance. I’ve been careful not to let it be a time suck. About once or twice a week, I set my timer for 10 minutes and go […]

Different Ways to Serve Dinner

Today over at Food Your Way, I’m talking about the different ways to serve a meal. Family style, buffet, or plated? Which do you prefer? Hop on over to the post to review the pros and cons of each method as well as to tell us which you think is the “right” way.