How to Be a Pro Mom

dress and heels

I’m over at Simple Mom today, sharing tips for how to be a Pro Mom. From the post, Over a decade ago I made the transition from high school teacher to full-time mom. Gone were the days of toting my European leather satchel, wearing high heels, and attending staff meetings. Instead, my hours were filled […]

A Good Story: What’s In It for You?


Last week I got a chance to share at Simple Homeschool, discussing our family’s affection for good stories. From the post, Developing a love of books is one of the most important parts of our homeschool. Not only is it academically sound, but it is also a way of nurturing my children, of creating a […]

Great Flavors for Spring Salads

orange salad 2

Looking for a fresh and flavorful salad to brighten up the blah days in between winter and spring? Try out this Orange and Feta Salad I’m sharing over at Food Your Way today. It’s a wonderful mix of winter’s citrus and spring’s greens.

Good Cheap Eats in February

I’ve been cooking up a storm these days, both literally and figuratively. We’re eating well. A little too well, I think. I’m quite thankful for the exercise bike in my room. All this eating has me getting some good cardiovascular exercise a few times a week — and it keeps the bike from being used […]

Cost Analysis of Homemade Red Sauce (A LifeAsMOM Experiment)


I love it when you can take an idea and customize it to fit the needs of you and your family. I know that I personally have benefited not only from the creativity of the bloggers that I regularly read, but also from you sweet readers who go off and tweak an idea to make […]

Get Your Game Day Snacks Ready

I’m over at Good Life Eats today sharing tips for a make ahead Super Bowl party. (I’m also divulging a really great recipe for Artichoke Dip with a Kick.) You won’t want to miss it. Head on over and share your favorite football food ideas.

5 Simple Pantry Suppers for Busy Weeknights

Today I’m over at Food Your Way, sharing simple supper ideas created from pantry and refrigerator staples. From the post, Weeknight dinners can be harried. Homework, music lessons, club meetings, gym workouts — these good things can keep you out and about during rush hour. The siren song of the drive-thru can be tempting on […]

Making Your Own Thanksgiving Traditions

Over the years, FishPapa and I have taken traditions from each of our respective families, mixed them together, left some ingredients out, added some in, and created our own family traditions. While our family culture is still a work in progress, it’s been wonderful to build these memories together. Today I’m over at Food Your […]