Is a Healthy Holiday Feast Possible?

healthy holiday

November is a favorite month around here. Not only do we celebrate the last two birthdays of the year, but the feast to beat all feasts occurs at the end of the month. My little gluttons gourmands adore Thanksgiving when we bring out all our favorite once-a-year treats. And although, Nanna’s Toffee Dream is certainly […]

Good Reads

Some good reads I found over the last week: Seasons in Parenting: The Teenage Years, Part One and Part Two – Simple Mom Doug’s Year Off – Small Notebook 8 Ways to Make Money Online – Blogging with Amy 15 Sure Fire Ways to Impress Others – Becoming Minimalist How to Use the Library in […]

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Good Reads from Around the Web


Photo Source: Cesarastudillo :: As someone who loves her comfort foods — and her coffee — I appreciated Rachel’s great attitude and victory over soda pop, coffee, and comfort foods. :: So thankful for Mandi’s reminder about online goal tracking. It prompted me to get back to tracking my health and fitness activity at LiveStrong. […]

Balancing Academics and Character


Raising children is a long mountain to climb. There are bumps and turns and sheer drop-offs along the way. As a homeschool mom, trying to give my children a solid academic foundation, I find that character development is the necessary partner to academics. Just as we can’t climb a hill without a few challenges in […]

Keeping Things Steady


Life is full of ups and downs. Like a roller coaster, there will always be a turn we don’t expect, a sudden drop, an exhilarating high. For kids, it’s helpful when Mom and Dad work to make things move on an even keel. Consistency is a key to making that happen. Despite my best intentions, […]

Dateline: Good Cheap Eats

I am loving posting on Good Cheap Eats these days. Now that Joy from FiveJsDesign has transferred the old site to WordPress, things work so nicely and look so pretty. If you haven’t checked it out yet, I suggest you pop over there and just say, “Ahhh.” If that’s not reason enough, then check out […]

Santa Barbara – This Mom’s Travel Tales

FishPapa grew up in Santa Barbara, CA. I went to college there. We met and married there. First baby? Yep, he was born there, too. Pop over to Mom’s Travel Tales and read all about this wonderful, beautiful city on the California Riviera.