Meet Some Military Moms and Show Your Support


While neither my husband nor I have ever served in the military, we have tremendous respect and appreciation for those who do and the families who support them. I know that “life as MOM” can be challenging, particularly if my husband works late hours or on weekends. I cannot imagine what it must be like […]

Nature Study for Wimps

I am a total wimp when it comes to many things in the Great Outdoors. Or when the Great Outdoors comes in. Don’t ask me why. But, I am. However, about six years ago when I gave birth to my fourth boy in a row, I realized that I would need to buck up a […]

Can You Be a Frugal Foodie?


Fellow mom and foodie Katie shares her food adventures at GoodLife{Eats}. I love her food photographs; make me hungry every time. Her passion for food shines through. I love, love, love what she did for her son’s recent birthday. Oh my! Check out the out-of this-world birthday party!  Today I have the privilege of guest posting […]

Build a Pantry that Works for YOU!

Organizing Your Way

Each of us needs to find her own groove. What works for me may not work for you. But, with some research and trial and error, we can find methods and practices that suit our personalities, our families, our lives. Organizing Your Way is a blog like that. Mandi offers up solutions to organizing your […]

Challenges, Challenges: New Year, New You


The new year can be such an exciting time to start fresh in some area of your life. Set a goal, envision a new and good habit, and then set off on an adventure in achieving it. It’s amazing how many blog-sponsored “challenges” are active right now. It could be easy to get overwhelmed. The key […]

Links of Love: I Can Do That!


Can I just say that my sister Janel is brilliant? She hides her light under a bushel, truly. She didn’t even tell me about her blog’s new feature, Make-It Monday where she’s sharing ideas for homemade gifts. You will love her ideas about making a Playdough Kit. So clever and inexpensive. I never thought of […]

Links of Love: Things That Made Me Go, "Hmmm…"


My girl is walking! Can you believe it. Just shy of 14 months this week she took her first “real” steps. And boy is she proud of herself! She has also grown tall enough to pull things down from counters and tables. It’s only a matter of days before her brothers have her swinging from […]

Links of Love


Reading that got me thinking this week: I’m inspired by Rachel and Doug’s No Spend Month. We’re being stretched to stay within our spending budget these days. Not as much went into savings in June as we had planned. Birthdays, AC repair for our rental property, a trip out of town — all good things, […]