Links of Love


Some fun things I found on the web this last week * Where have I been? I guess Muffin Tin Lunches are a big thing out there and I’ve missed them. For the record, I do remember Dr. Sears mentioning them in this great book. Check out some examples here, here, and here. Great lunch […]

Links of Love


Some interesting tidbits that stood out to me recently: Free admission to Disneyland on your birthday in 2009. Very cool, especially since we will be living just a little over an hour away! I loved Tammy’s attitude about hard work in this post on canning a surprise bounty of tomatoes, “Did I need the extra […]

Links of Love – Baby Style


Obviously, I’m fluctuating between baby thoughts and moving chaos; all my recent posts seem to reflect that these days. That’s my “Life as MOM” right now. Hang on, though, another two weeks and my life will be back to normal. Whatever that is. In the meantime: check out these links for some great baby stuff. […]

Links of Love: Gotta Get Back, Back, Back to School Again

School supplies await the first day of class

Well, are you ready? Whoa! Whoa! I gotta go….back to school again. I grew up in (what was then) a small Southern California town that offered “year-round” school before its time. Heading back to school at the end of July was the norm for me. It wasn’t until junior high that I experienced the bliss […]

Links of Love for BTS

Apple on Desk ca. 2001

Baby Update: I’m still here, and I’m still intact. It was a rough night. Thanks to all who prayed. I am sore and tired and a little nauseated. Feel free to keep praying. I so appreciate it! In other news…. As the new school year rolls around, here are some great places to check out […]

Links of Love: FishBoys Style


Here are some of the places on the World Wide Web where the FishBoys like to surf. (Because after all, some of them don’t even know the sound of the ocean.) eBay – This is the go-to site for all things GameCube and Lego. Our eldest is getting very adept at watching auctions and even […]

Links of Love: Christmas Style

Christmas baubles --- Image by © Royalty-Free/Corbis

There are all sorts of Christmas resources floating out there on the web. Here are a few that I found recently. * A whole treasure chest of Christmas ideas at Mom Advice. * Frugal Dad talks about planning ahead for the holidays. * The Pioneer Woman Cooks – Christmas Archives * Jenn@FrugalUpstate talks about (really) […]

Links of Love: Clean, Clean, Clean

Woman Cleaning Mirror ca. 1999

Some interesting tidbits I stumbled upon recently: Cleaning Myths RoundUp at Blissfully Domestic The Psychology of Clutter at Tales from The Clean Team Summer Cleaning Chore Checklist from Organized Home How to Make “My First Cleaning Kit” for Toddlers at Family Fun Magazine A wealth of Homemade Household Cleaners at The Family Homestead Also related: […]