Links of Love: Hot Wheels


For your cruisin’ pleasure this week: I’m sure the men in your life will appreciate this new baby from Dodge. They do at my house. Reminds me of “The Dukes of Hazard.” What will they think of next? Looking for ways to save at the gas pump? Check out what Gas Buddy has to say […]

Links of Love: Sanity Savers

Here are some quick stops to make this week. I hope they’ll help you find your groove and add some peace to your place. Alicia illustrates the great uses of an empty basket for keeping things neat and tidy. How do we keep our focus? Read what Amy says about keeping the main thing — […]

Links of Love: Keeping Your Cool


Whether it’s the summer sun or the heat rising in family situations, here are some links to help you keep your cool. Let me know what works for you! Also, if you’ve got a great link — on any topic, send it my way for future Links of Love. Summer Cooking Tips: Cool Off in […]

Links of Love

I love it when somebody directs me to great articles and resources. I just don’t have time to read all that my little mind wants to know. I’d have google going 24/7, so it’s nice when someone points me in the right direction. In that vein, I thought I would say, “Lookie here!” I hope […]