Links of Love


Here are some short stops on the web that peaked my interest this past week: Last weekend was really relaxing at my mom’s house. It was nice to be on someone else’s turf and to enjoy a lower degree of responsibility. I guess I was really relaxed because I said YES to most of the […]

Links of Love


Some interesting stops on the web: * Tammy concocted a delicious looking spaghetti squash recipe, loaded with meat and cheese. I can’t wait until spaghetti squash goes on sale to try this! * Looking to round out your wardrobe for fall? Check out the 10 Pieces Every Mom Needs, brought to you by Simple Mom […]

Links of Love: Surf’s Up!


Surf’s up so I’m heading to the beach! Dude, you get to write this post. Just kidding! I’m actually buried under a ton of moving boxes and school papers. But, seriously, I do want to know your opinion. In the last year I have found so many great sites on the web, I figure there […]

Links of Love


Some fun things I found on the web this last week * Where have I been? I guess Muffin Tin Lunches are a big thing out there and I’ve missed them. For the record, I do remember Dr. Sears mentioning them in this great book. Check out some examples here, here, and here. Great lunch […]

Links of Love


Some interesting tidbits that stood out to me recently: Free admission to Disneyland on your birthday in 2009. Very cool, especially since we will be living just a little over an hour away! I loved Tammy’s attitude about hard work in this post on canning a surprise bounty of tomatoes, “Did I need the extra […]

Martha Blogs

The one and only Martha has a blog, if you didn’t know. AND, she’s going to review a number of blogs and feature some on her site. Check it out here. This is the closest I could get to having Martha come to my house!

Links of Love – Baby Style


Obviously, I’m fluctuating between baby thoughts and moving chaos; all my recent posts seem to reflect that these days. That’s my “Life as MOM” right now. Hang on, though, another two weeks and my life will be back to normal. Whatever that is. In the meantime: check out these links for some great baby stuff. […]

That Mr. Linky Thing


You may have noticed that there are opportunities in the blogosphere to share with the rest of us something cool on your blog. Often the blog hostess will place a Mr. Linky widget on her blog. It allows you, the participant, to add your name and the internet address of your relevant post to a […]