The Reluctant Student

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Photo Source: Takomabibelot Ever find yourself in that quandary when your child is resistance to learn, to study or simply to follow directions? I’m there more than I would like to admit. Recently, I got the chance to talk about addressing reluctance in your homeschool, As we live the life of both parent and teacher, […]

Free Christmas Planning Ebook and Printables


Photo Source: Scott Feldstein Christmas in less than 100 days away. Hard to believe, isn’t it? Now might be a good time to review the Christmas Planning archives and see how you can be planning ahead. Or check out the free Christmas Planning Ebook and Printables that are now available at Life Your Way. Talk […]

Living Large


Are these ALL yours? This is probably the most common question I hear — from absolute strangers. Sometimes it bugs me, sometimes I answer with a smiling, “Yes.” My husband, however, answers, “No, I get to share them with my wife.” And it’s true. My husband and I are honored to share six wonderful children […]

Good Reads from Around the Web


Photo Source: Cesarastudillo :: As someone who loves her comfort foods — and her coffee — I appreciated Rachel’s great attitude and victory over soda pop, coffee, and comfort foods. :: So thankful for Mandi’s reminder about online goal tracking. It prompted me to get back to tracking my health and fitness activity at LiveStrong. […]

Back to School Inspiration from Around the Web

In case, you don’t go surfing where I do, check out these posts to help your Back to School season go well: 8 Back to School Breakfast Ideas and Recipes – delicious inspiration from Simple Bites. The Secret to Success: Teach Your Children to Fish – wisdom from FiveJs. Our Homeschool – a large family […]

Balancing Academics and Character


Raising children is a long mountain to climb. There are bumps and turns and sheer drop-offs along the way. As a homeschool mom, trying to give my children a solid academic foundation, I find that character development is the necessary partner to academics. Just as we can’t climb a hill without a few challenges in […]

Three Email Tools To Help My Life as MOM

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I love mail, whether digital or real, I love receiving notes and messages via mail. A full mailbox or a little envelope with a 10+ blinking make me smile. However, I don’t like to open said mailboxes to find them full of junk. Ick. I am not as techy as some. In fact, some of […]

Keeping Things Steady


Life is full of ups and downs. Like a roller coaster, there will always be a turn we don’t expect, a sudden drop, an exhilarating high. For kids, it’s helpful when Mom and Dad work to make things move on an even keel. Consistency is a key to making that happen. Despite my best intentions, […]