Dateline: Good Cheap Eats

I am loving posting on Good Cheap Eats these days. Now that Joy from FiveJsDesign has transferred the old site to WordPress, things work so nicely and look so pretty. If you haven’t checked it out yet, I suggest you pop over there and just say, “Ahhh.” If that’s not reason enough, then check out […]

Santa Barbara – This Mom’s Travel Tales

FishPapa grew up in Santa Barbara, CA. I went to college there. We met and married there. First baby? Yep, he was born there, too. Pop over to Mom’s Travel Tales and read all about this wonderful, beautiful city on the California Riviera.

Meet Some Military Moms and Show Your Support


While neither my husband nor I have ever served in the military, we have tremendous respect and appreciation for those who do and the families who support them. I know that “life as MOM” can be challenging, particularly if my husband works late hours or on weekends. I cannot imagine what it must be like […]

Nature Study for Wimps

I am a total wimp when it comes to many things in the Great Outdoors. Or when the Great Outdoors comes in. Don’t ask me why. But, I am. However, about six years ago when I gave birth to my fourth boy in a row, I realized that I would need to buck up a […]

What’s New at GoodCheapEats

There’s all sorts of Good Cheap Eating to be had on my food blog. Here’s some of the highlights of the last two weeks. Homemade Buttercream Frosting Summer Vegetable Salad – What’s On Your Plate? Grill Recipes to Write Home About Fish Taco Salad Plain Yogurt is a Good Cheap Eat Sears Chef Challenge and […]

What’s On Your Plate?

Today over at GoodCheapEats, we’re sharing what’s on our plates. It’s a peek into each other’s dining rooms and kitchens. What are you eating? Was it good? Did you try something new, and it was da bomb? Or was it a total bomb? Did you score some great deals at the grocery store or farmer’s […]

Planning Vacations for a Range of Ages

As you may know, our six kids are ranged in age from one to thirteen. We represent almost every developmental stage of childhood. Makes for some complex parenting. One thing we’ve struggled with over time is provide activities and to plan vacations that can suit the whole crew. Today, over at Simple Homeschool, I’m sharing […]

Family Fitness You Can Afford

Skip rope Mike Baird

Photo Source: Mike Baird Finding that you’ve grown a regular crop of couch potatoes over the winter? Wondering why it’s so hard to motivate your family to get out of the house? Looking for a solution to a little extra flab yourself? It might be time to get fit. To read my article on family […]