Choosing A Summer Dress To Fit You Perfectly

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Pear Collage

The weather is warming up, and summer is right around the corner. Now, with upcoming graduations and weddings to attend, is the perfect time to find a dress that fits you perfectly! Life as MOM contributor Rena shows you how. Here are three typical body types and three cute dresses that are available for purchase […]

How to Host A Clothing Exchange

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how to host a clothing exchange

Getting a little bored with your wardrobe, but can’t afford a shopping trip? Host a clothing exchange instead! Life as MOM contributor, Rena shows you how. Once or twice a year, I call up my friends and they gather all of their clothes/shoes/accessories that they don’t want or use anymore and head over to my […]

A Work at Home Wardrobe

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a work at home wardrobe

Working at home means you can work in your pajamas. But, you certainly don’t have to. And you might be more efficient if you dress for success. Contributing writer Prerna offers some tips today. As someone who’s juggled working from home and managing the home for the last 5 years, I’ve come to realize a few […]

Accessorize Yourself!

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accessorize yourself

Whether you have limited funds or a generous budget for clothes shopping, consider Rena‘s tips for maximizing your wardrobe with accessories. Although clothes make up an outfit, accessories also play a significant role. Accessories have the ability to take any outfit and change it for different occasions. They can change an outfit from looking dressy to […]

Out The Door In Five (or 5 Ways to be Pulled Together in 5 Minutes)

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Out the door

Running late is an occupational hazard as a mom. Invariably, something will come up. Life as MOM contributor, Rena shows us a few quick ways to get out the door with a little style. We all have days when we’re rushing out the door and have no time to prepare an outfit. Here are five […]

Make A Fashion Resolution

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Looking to spruce up your wardrobe in the new year? Life as MOM contributor Rena has some great suggestions for making a fashion resolution: With the new year upon us, it’s that time to make New Year’s resolutions. The idea of a resolution is a commitment to change for the better. Change is good, but […]

Top 5 Things To Wear To A Holiday Event

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Wondering what to wear to all the get-togethers coming up in the next couple weeks? Life as MOM contributor, Rena, offers some easy tips and must-haves: This holiday season equals joy and cheer. For most people, it also involves a lot of holiday parties and get-togethers. Finding the right outfit for these events could bring […]

12 Ways to Save on Clothing (Frugal Friday)

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Everyone needs clothing. Yet, there’s a range of money that one could spend just on new threads. Check out some ways to save. It seems recently I’ve needed to retire more and more of my eight year old’s clothing. As the fourth boy, he’s been the recipient of quite a few hand-me-downs that have now […]