5 Cheap Date Night Ideas

FishPapa and I are approaching our 23rd wedding anniversary. We met 25 years ago. Needless to say, we’ve been through richer and poorer, sickness and health. We’ve also had many years of living on the cheap. Some of that was because there was no other choice. The rest of it has been that we know […]

5 Ways to Transition from Mom to Wife at Night

How do you transition from mom to wife and enjoy good time with your husband at night? Sheila Gregoire has some great suggestions to share here on LAM today while I share my tips to give you more energy by nightfall over at her site, To Love Honor and Vacuum.  The following post is by Sheila Gregoire. […]

Love Letters

A box of love letters in the garage holds many memories and the start of our marriage. This post is sponsored by Hallmark.Twenty-two years ago today I was wandering the streets of Paris with my friend Sarah and some new girls we’d met on the plane overseas. I was, as my French mom so often introduced […]

Regular Money Meetings Can Help You Stay on Budget

Consider having regular money meetings with your spouse. They will help your finances, but they can also help your marriage. Nineteen years ago this month, Fish and I got engaged. The church where we met and married had the requirement that we do four pre-marital counseling sessions, one with each of four different couples. They […]

Go on a Date

Tonight we took the fam on a impromptu dinner out. It wasn’t in the plan. But, my car broke down on an errand at dinner time. Since hubby had to come help me anyway, we made a meal out of it. I’d like to say that we had deep, meaningful conversation over our rice bowls, […]

How to Plan a Budget Wedding

It is possible to host a beautiful wedding without spending a million dollars. Here’s how we did it on a “smaller” budget. Eighteen years ago this weekend we got hitched after only four months’ engagement. Yes, it was short. We had dated for two years, though, and once you find the person that you want […]

18 Years Ago Today

Today is my husband’s birthday. We got engaged on this day eighteen years ago. Look! I think we were teenagers!* I find it amazing that my skin once looked so good. Thankfully, I’ve had much better hair days…. and hair decades since then, though. January 29, 1994 was a Saturday. Unbeknownst to me “Fish” had […]

Growing a Beautiful Marriage (The Grass is Always Greener…)

I am not one to say that I have the perfect marriage. I am not a perfect wife. And hubs, well, he’s not perfect, either. Recently I read through an old journal that reflected a very tough year. Whew. Humbling. There are seasons of spring where everything’s roses. And there are seasons of winter when things […]