The Best Advice My Mom Ever Gave Me

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My mom is a clever woman. She knows that little girls with long hair do better with a shampoo at the kitchen sink. She knows that little fingers can “paint” cookies better than they can pipe or frost. She knows that little hands are more successful at feeding the Christmas tree with ice cubes instead […]

Wardrobe Woes


My closet and I had an argument this month. It went something like this: This green dress really is beautiful. You haven’t worn it in two years. Yes, but, it’s modest; it’s got pockets; it’s bright and cheerful. It doesn’t fit and you have no fancy shindig to go to. It was expensive. So let […]

Giving to Others at Christmas


It’s easy to get wrapped up in the Christmas fun that we do for our families. I know. I often have the best intentions to share with others outside of our family, but it doesn’t always happen. For me, I know it is helpful to have a list of ideas ready to slip into the […]

Heaven is Touching Earth Right Now

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I read Emily’s post the other day and sniffed and weeped my way through. It was such a precious reminder of how the everyday matters. It matters very much so. From her post, We know there’s a time for everything, but it’s easier to accept the time for birth than it is the time for […]

Life is a Special Occasion: Time to Get Carded

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Remember these? When I was a kid, I loved to browse the local Hallmark shop where the owner, Jan, gave you the stink eye if you raised your voice or rattled a shelf. Still despite Jan and her library ninja attitude, I loved those rows and rows of cards with their bright colors, funny sayings, […]

Playing Nice

We’ve all found ourselves at conflict, or yeah, even competition, with one another. We see it in our children. We feel it toward our own family and friends at times. This post from Food Network personality, Melissa d’Arabian, was so jam packed with wisdom for life, I had to share a snippet. Whether you’re a corporate […]

Goals and the New (Half) Year

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Remember when we set some goals for the year? Way back in the wintry days of December and January…. Last week I mentioned that halfway through something is a good time to assess progress made and determine what’s left to do, enjoy, or accomplish. Over the last couple weeks, I’ve spent time looking back on […]

Booking It on Your Own (July Updates)

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Are you Booking It this year? Yesterday we discussed the “assigned” reading of the month, Dancing with My Father. Today we’re talking about all the books we’ve read this month. In past months I have had several books to report on. This month, I wrote one instead. Does that count? No, truly I did read some […]