A Cereal Giveaway from Atune Foods

Boxed cereal that is minimally processed and GMO-free? Yes, please. This giveaway is now closed. Congrats to the winners: lexkygirl2008@, sheridack@,  ashapiro@, weirdtreer@, capturedbychrist@ It seems like our days are just packed. I don’t say this as a point of boasting. I laughed when I read that some women use busy-ness as a cause of boasting. […]

Q&A: Can Older Women Wear Trendy Boots?

This week’s Q&A actually comes from me to you. I’m asking you for your fashion advice as regards older women and fashion trends. A month or two ago, Aerosoles sent me some boots to review. These boots. They are amazingly comfortable, exactly what I expected from the brand, known for its comfort. I love wearing […]

Saving My Grandchildren from Choking Hazards (& a Giveaway from Oreck)

A little over thirteen years ago, we were living in an itty-bitty studio. Itty-bitty = one room, 200 square feet. Me, hubs, and our baby. Yes, itty-bitty. Our landlords, if we could call them that, were like family to us and they lived less than ten feet away. Theirs was the Big House. Ours was […]

Counting Stars – A New Album from Andrew Peterson

I love listening to music. Often it’s my husband playing guitar. Sometimes it’s old favorite albums. And every once in awhile we treat ourselves to a new album. Most recently we purchased Andrew Peterson’s Counting Stars. We have been huge fans of Andrew Peterson since we saw his Behold the Lamb of God concert three […]

Homemade Fried Rice: A Review and a Giveaway from SunBird

Our family loves Asian flavors. One of our favorite splurges is a Panda Feast. And while I have perfected some copy cat meals, Chinese food is not one I’ve excelled at. I can do Potsticker Dipping Sauce and Summer Rolls, but that’s about it. Traditionally, I am a chinese food fail. So, I jumped at […]

Pirate’s Booty: A Giveaway

We discovered Pirate’s Booty about ten years ago as a baby-friendly snack that the whole family enjoyed. Now, it’s not designed for babies, but its crunchy texture was one that we all loved and one that a baby could easily eat. It was a great alternative to chips, pretzels, or popcorn that would require me […]

Food Traditions and Holiday Memories

Isn’t it funny how important food, and specifically holiday recipes, can be to our memories of special events? On Sunday, we headed to my parents’ for a small family reunion. Lil’ smokies and See’s candy were present! Good thing as they are so much a part of our family’s traditions. Another key figure at our […]

Campbell’s Kid’s Soups and V-8 Fusion: A Review

Congrats to casil3229 who is the winner of this giveaway! I grew up on Campbell’s Chicken Noodle Soup. My dad would stock up major bigtime every time there was a sale. Back then, a sale was fifteen or twenty cents per can — without a coupon! Oh, am I dating myself? Campbell’s was Dad’s cure-all for anything […]