Girls Get Building with GoldieBlox


The following post is sponsored by GoldieBlox: This giveaway is now closed. Congrats to the winner: Kristybartlett@ I was a fairly prissy girl. I liked to read books, stay indoors, and not sweat too much. I wasn’t very fashionable, and I wasn’t into dolls all that much, but I was definitely all girl, despite the fact […]

Marketing Ideas for the Mompreneur


Got a business that you want to market on the web? This new resource could help you. This post does include affiliate links. If you make a purchase through those links, I am paid a small amount in way of advertising fees. Your price does not change, but your purchase indirectly helps keep this show […]

A Fall Wreath Paper Plate Craft

Hole in Paper Plate Elmer's

The following content is sponsored by Elmer’s Products. My mom was a kindergarten teacher when I was born. That means that my preschool and early elementary years absolutely rocked on the craft front. My mom always had some type of imaginative play or art activity for us to do. And she was pretty free wheeling, […]

Helpful Housewarming Gifts

CleanView Deluxe

The following content is sponsored by Bissell: It’s been a few years since we owned the home we live in. We own a house that we rent out. But, that’s a long story. However, with each of our home purchases, it’s been a leap of faith and a jumble of excitement all rolled up into […]

Geek Squad to My Rescue

geek squad

Got computer issues? Consider calling the Geek Squad. This is where I write, usually. We’re blessed to have an extra bedroom that serves as my office. Sometimes it’s clean. Usually it’s not. I have a laptop that allows me to work wherever I want, but sometimes you need to be able to lock the door […]

A Cereal Giveaway from Atune Foods

uncle sam

Boxed cereal that is minimally processed and GMO-free? Yes, please. This giveaway is now closed. Congrats to the winners: lexkygirl2008@, sheridack@,  ashapiro@, weirdtreer@, capturedbychrist@ It seems like our days are just packed. I don’t say this as a point of boasting. I laughed when I read that some women use busy-ness as a cause of boasting. […]

Q&A: Can Older Women Wear Trendy Boots?

aerosole boots closeup

This week’s Q&A actually comes from me to you. I’m asking you for your fashion advice as regards older women and fashion trends. A month or two ago, Aerosoles sent me some boots to review. These boots. They are amazingly comfortable, exactly what I expected from the brand, known for its comfort. I love wearing […]

Saving My Grandchildren from Choking Hazards (& a Review of Our New Oreck)

oreck gold

A little over thirteen years ago, we were living in an itty-bitty studio. Itty-bitty = one room, 200 square feet. Me, hubs, and our baby. Yes, itty-bitty. Our landlords, if we could call them that, were like family to us and they lived less than ten feet away. Theirs was the Big House. Ours was […]