TGIF: 7 Great Kid Flicks

There is a wealth of great family-friendly movies out there. Here are seven that have been favorites. source: Disney Pixar We love movies around here. Since the bulk of our parenting years were lived without cable television, or any television for that matter, we’ve come to rely on movies as our go-to form of entertainment. […]

Book It! The Wonder of Christmas

This week the kids and I started working through this book, The Wonder of Christmas: A Family Advent Journey. It’s a daily devotional, working through the month of December, addressing concepts of Christmas, the Incarnation, and salvation – all from a child’s point of view. We also have the companion activity guide which features crafts […]

FishPapa’s New Grill – It Works for Me!

We are die-hard grill fans. When we lived in Kansas City, we “cooked out” as often as possible. Even in sub-zero weather. Well, at least once. Meat cooked on the grill just tastes so much better than other preparations. Tri-tip, Chicken, Steaks. You name it, we love it. However, each time we’ve moved (every five […]

Try It, You’ll Like It! Macaroni Grill Dinner Kits

Last night we had the opportunity to try one of the new Macaroni Grill dinner kits. You’ve probably seen them, even if you didn’t know it. They are all over the end caps of grocery store aisles these days, and their coupons are ubiquitous as well. (Check out the scroll bar on the right […]

Try It, You’ll Like It! CKY Books

A few weeks ago, fellow mom Keely wrote me about her book buying service, CKY Books. Set up much like Cash4Books, CKY Books‘ website is interactive. You type in the ISBN of the book(s) you’d like to sell, and the website gives you a quoted price. They pay for you to ship them the books, […]

Try It, You’ll Like It! Amazon Prime

I love to order gifts from Amazon. It is so easy to click a few clicks and sit back, knowing that they’re going to do all the work. Sure beats shopping, scrounging up a mailing envelope, packaging said gift, loading up the kids, and then listening to cries of, “You mean we have to go […]

Try It, You’ll Like It: Bertolli’s Premium Pasta Sauce

Recently, our family had the opportunity to try three new sauces from Bertolli. I must admit I was a little skeptical since we don’t buy canned or jarred pasta sauces. Ever. Normally, they are too sweet for my man who doesn’t like sweet sauces. If sugar or corn syrup are anywhere on the label, it […]