I Don’t Know What I’m Going to Do Today

I Don

Ever get overwhelmed by your to do list and rant and rave about it? Yeah, me, too. But, here’s a different way of looking at it. Years ago when we first got cable, my kids discovered the Disney program, Phineas and Ferb. It quickly became a favorite for the whole family, us parents included. The […]

Make a Christmas Budget (Frugal Friday)

Make a Christmas Budget | Avoid Overspending at Christmas

If you haven’t been to Walmart or Target yet, you might not know that the Christmas shopping season has arrived. If you haven’t been on Pinterest, you might not know that they’ve traded pumpkins for elves on the shelves. Yep, even before the turkey’s cooked, we’re scrambling to plan out Christmas. But, before you go […]

Use Sharp Knives to Save Time in the Kitchen

use sharp knives to save time in the kitchen

This is Day 19 of the Kitchen Time Savers series. Find easy ways to save time in the kitchen. During college and graduate school, I worked in a few different commercial kitchens. It was a great learning experience for me. I learned some basic kitchen techniques, including knife skills, and was paid to learn. What […]

Flash Sale: Homemaking Bundle, 5 eBooks for $7.40!

Get this deal while it’s hot! For only 24 hours, Bundle of the Week is offering the Homemaking Bundle for sale again. It’s only $7! Five amazing resources to help you run your home more efficiently, covering everything from organizing your schedule and household records to meal planning, cleaning and budgeting, it’s the perfect collection […]

Banana Cupcakes with Chocolate Cream Cheese Frosting (URS: Pantry Staples)

This month we’re eating down the pantry. What this means is that we are focusing on the ingredients we have in order to prepare meals and buying only what we need to supplement our stores. I say “we” because the boys are responsible to cook one meal every night. Whoohoo! Obviously, the success of a […]

Great Bundle of Books on Motherhood, 5 eBooks for $7.40!

Earlier this week I shared a list of my favorite books as well as some that my Booking It Buddies and I are considering reading this year. If you’re looking for still more good reads, consider grabbing this bundle of the week: offers a new collection of ebooks every week. Five books for $7.40 […]

Make a Gift (Frugal Friday)

Making gifts yourself can be a great way to save money at the holidays. Over the years I’ve usually had more time than money when it came to Christmas gifts. In fact, for a good ten years, that’s all the inlaws and siblings received because that was really all we could afford. I know first […]

HOT Deal on Grocery University

Grocery University one-day sale

I’ve told you before how much I appreciate Grocery University. (Read my review here.) It’s on a big time sale until tomorrow night. Get your copy now and learn all kinds of tips and tricks for saving money on groceries. **All times are Mountain Standard Time** 12 AM – 6 AM: price is $5 (savings […]