Save Money with Shop at Home

It used to be that I would drive all over town near birthdays and Christmas, spinning my wheels. No, I wasn’t doing any fancy Nascar driving. But, I’d go into a store with an expectation of what I wanted to find and leave empty-handed only to go to the next door to have the same […]

Get Personalized Everything for FREE

As a kid I remember how my mom would make a point to get personalized items for us at Christmas. It might be pencils with our names on them or sweaters with our initials. And it was totally cool. Hey! It was the 80’s, okay? Regardless, having a personalized item made us feel special. You […]

Photo Deals Not to Be Missed

Canvas People

When there’s a new baby in the house — or cute kids or cute dogs — we want to capture the fleeting moments on film. But, don’t leave the memories in the camera! Find a way to share the love! Here are some recent deals I found on the web: Get a free 8×10 canvas […]

Get Baby Announcements for Free!

baby announcement

Isn’t she lovely? That’s my baby who’s not really a baby anymore. And those are the leftovers of her baby announcements. I put them together on Kodak Gallery two years ago. I also ordered our Christmas cards from them that year. So far I’ve been really pleased with the products I’ve ordered from Kodak, including […]

I Married MacGyver


See that? That is a TV missing its front panel. One of the FishBoys pried it off a few years ago. Then a button got broken off. Then a few more. We had to stick a pencil or a pinky finger into the hole to change the volume or other settings. One day recently I […]

Grocery Geek Presents: Costco, Sprouts & CSA Week 2


This week I have been overwhelmed by the tasks on my plate. They are all worthy tasks that leave not a lot of “extra time.” In that vein, I’ve had to simplify my shopping practices. I spent very few coupons — like none. This means I didn’t spend time cutting coupons, tracking deals, or matching […]

Considering Cable?


We lived without television for about ten or twelve years of marriage. For the first five we didn’t even have a VCR. And we lived a very happy, book-filled existence without TV. We still live a happy, book-filled existence, but we also watch a little TV now. Four years ago when our family began to […]

Good Buys at Current

Current Catalog

September is a great time to browse the sales section at Current. Not only are all checks 15% off, but you can also get free shipping on a $40 order. In the past I’ve had a great time skimming their selection and stocking up on note cards as well as Christmas supplies. A lot of […]