Considering Cable?

We lived without television for about ten or twelve years of marriage. For the first five we didn’t even have a VCR. And we lived a very happy, book-filled existence without TV. We still live a happy, book-filled existence, but we also watch a little TV now. Four years ago when our family began to […]

Good Buys at Current

Current Catalog

September is a great time to browse the sales section at Current. Not only are all checks 15% off, but you can also get free shipping on a $40 order. In the past I’ve had a great time skimming their selection and stocking up on note cards as well as Christmas supplies. A lot of […]

Get Good Stuff with Amazon Mom

I love shopping at Amazon. It has been a great source of books, school curriculum, and birthday and Christmas presents over the years. I can spin my wheels and shop all over town and come home empty-handed. OR with a few clicks of the mouse, I can find exactly what I need at Amazon. (And […]

Be Inspired with Life… Your Way

Today marks the launch of a brand new set of blogs. They’re a network of sites designed to help you figure out what you want from your life. It’s Life…Your Way. An offshoot of Organizing Your Way, Life…Your Way seeks to “help you sort through all of the facts and opinions so you can make […]

You Really Can Buy Healthy Snacks to Go – 25% Off

First I tell you how great this cookbook is and then I tease you with a discount code that doesn’t work. Goodness! We’ve been fighting some type of coding issues with ejunkie, but I think we’ve got it to work. From now until Friday night, you can buy Healthy Snacks to Go Ebook for 25% […]

School Supplies, Bargain Hunting and

I get into a cold sweat when I see signs for Back to School in the store. Usually, July’s fireworks have barely fizzled, when the red, white, and blue displays give way for the school supplies. Ugh! It’s not the “going back to school” part that bothers me. It’s that I know we’ll need some […]

Frugal Friday: Does Car Debt Make It Harder to Sell a Car?

We spent the greater part of last year pricing out used vehicles. Well, I should say hubs spent the greater part of last year pricing out used vehicles. What do I know? We knew that it was only a matter of time before our minivan bit the dust and we wanted to be prepared. We […]

SwagBucks Back to School

Search & Win

We’ve been using SwagBucks as our search engine for almost two years now. FishPapa and the boys still do a little happy dance when they earn points, which is almost every time they sit down at the computer. We’ve redeemed SwagBucks for gift cards for iTunes, Starbucks and Amazon. In fact, most of last year’s […]