DIY on a Dime: Build a Lego Table

Got a Lego-maniac at your house? Instead of buying another set of bricks, craft a lego table to make building even more fun. Anne from Modern Mrs. Darcy shows you how.

Build a Lego Table | Tutorial from Life as Mom

I have 4 young Lego addicts at my house, and we’re always running out of spaces to build with them. I’ve thought about buying a Lego table for them for years, and finally decided to try my hand at building one for them. I couldn’t be happier with the results!

My only regret is that I postponed this project for so long. It took me less than 10 minutes to make, and cost less than $30–a bargain compared to the tables for sale out there. This project was a breeze, and you can easily make your own for the little Lego lovers in your life.

What you need to make your own Lego table:

  • A table, new or old. (I used a new $8 Ikea Lack table. The top is 21 5/8 inches square.)
  • Lego plates to cover the table. I used 4 10 x 10 inch plates ($5 each).
  • A few Lego bricks.
  • Adhesive (spray adhesive, like Elmer’s Craft Bond spray adhesive or something like Liquid Nails)
  • Optional: a large flat surface to help properly position the Lego plates

Build a Lego Table | Tutorial from Life as Mom

How to make your own Lego table:

  1. Arrange your Lego plates on the table to roughly determine placement.
  2. Important: using Lego bricks, join your plates together. You will see that there should be a slight gap between the plates. You want to space the plates so that they will work properly for building on top of later.
  3. Apply a thin layer of adhesive to your table.
  4. Carefully place your Lego plates on the table in their pre-determined places, maintaining the appropriate spacing between the boards. (I chose to keep my 4 Lego plates joined together with the Lego bricks, slide them onto a large piece of cardboard, and then lower them onto the table like a baker would use a paddle to slide a pizza onto a baking stone.)
  5. Press evenly to adhere.
  6. Let sit for the time recommended on your adhesive’s directions.

– Anne Bogel loves strong coffee, long books, and big ideas. She puts a timely spin on timeless women’s issues at her blog Modern Mrs Darcy. Head here to get her free guide Paper Gains: A Guide to Gifting Children Great Books from Modern Mrs Darcy

DIY on a Dime

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  1. We have two lego tables–one is 2×2 and the other is 1×4, they use that when they make cities.

    I love this idea.

    Be Blessed.

  2. I just did this for my boys with the Ikea table. I also made one for the Duplo Legos with the 15×15 plate in the middle of the table. They absolutely love it! What a great idea!

  3. My kids are getting a lego table for Christmas, too. But we used a small table that we already had, and removed the legs, so it can be slid under a couch when not in use. My kids like to lay on the floor to build anyway, so this was a better fit for our family than a traditional table.

  4. Just wondering where you buy your Lego plates at? I want to find the Duplos base plates…

    Thanks! Grace

  5. Linda Hamstra says:

    Where did you purchase the lego plates from?

  6. I just built my kids a Lego table using your directions! Can’t be happier!!! Thanx

  7. Rachel Shanafelt says:

    Thank you! Great, affordable idea! Do you think an 11 year old would like this? Dothey sit on the floor or in a chair to build?

  8. Know of any tiny chairs that will work with the Ikea side table you used?

  9. Great idea! I think, instead of gluing the lego mats to a table, I’ll use a heavy board so that I can set it on a normal table and slide somewhere (under couch/bed) when not in use. Then the table can serve as a train table, breakfast, puzzle, etc. I’ll see how it goes!

  10. I am thinking of using my son’s thomas the train table the plates turn over to a completely green board …just going to adhere the plates to it so he can do lego’s when he wants to or trains when he wants to there is a drawer on each side of the table for storage too…. looking for lego sheets now lol santa is coming early here lol

  11. Mitchell mears says:

    Where did you get the lego plates

  12. Rick Brown says:

    Hi moms. Im a 54 year old grandfather with a 6 year old grandson who loves legos. He has a lego train set and some of the city buildings. I wanted to build him a table to incorporate the train set either around or through the city. I have racked my brain trying to find a large enough table. Thanks to your great ideas I just need 4 smaller tables that will fit through the doors. THANKS A BUNCH !

  13. Risa Little says:

    I would like to put my Lego’s in the center of table. Any thoughts?

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