Embracing The Preschool Years

Yesterday as my two-year old, soaking wet and clad in a soggy swim diaper, climbed into my fully-dressed lap, I reflected on the brevity of this season. While spending a few moments in damp shorts may seem like an inconvenience, it is a fleeting one. Judah will not always want to climb into my lap and park it.

Our preschoolers will only be small for a short time. I love the quote by Jim Elliot that I came across recently, “Wherever you are, be all there.” What a lesson for parents! Relish this season of life before it flees! Spend some time today just enjoying the wonder of being two or three or four.

For the rest of my article and some inspiration for fun activities to do with your preschoolers, visit this month’s Montgomery Parents magazine.

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  1. So true! This is something I've been working on for some time now. It has made me appreciate life so much more.

  2. I really needed this reminder today. Thanks for the timely words.

  3. Great reminder not to wish this season away!

  4. I know…my oldest just started kindergarten so…she doesn't even qualify as a preschooler anymore!!

  5. What a great post & all so true! I wish more people would remember to be more present in the moment, you miss an awful lot if you are not!

  6. Something happened today that made me think of this. I gave my toddler a mug full of chocolate milk. She took a swig, went over to her potty chair (which by the way is the best toy ever and never used as a potty) and dumped the milk in. So she could splash in it. Fun times.

  7. Brown Thumb Mama says:

    That is so true! Had to remind myself of that when Jackjack gave me a slimy, boogery hug this morning…after I had put on my work clothes, of course.

  8. so true. i just smile when i hear little boo say "i'm stirsty mama" or "i stink so" i know very soon he'll be pronouncing "th" correctly and he'll be so eloquent and succint. i can't believe we're in our last years of the preschooler phase. now i want to go wake him up and squeeze him!

  9. It does go by so fast,and then all of the sudden you're the one grabbing them for a kiss and hug…sigh. Thanks for the encouragement. My little one is very passionate about everything, so we have lots of moments to embrace "now." 🙂 Miss seeing you guys at the Friday park days, and hope you're all doing well.

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