Fifty Books to Enjoy with Kids

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Ready to get into some great books?

Fifty Books to Enjoy with Kids written by Veronica Getskow, PhD. with daughters Jessica Fisher and Janel Piersma, is a reading guide for parents of young children, aged 2 to 8.

It provides titles and book information for 50 “must-reads” for little people.

Not only that, it details extension activities to take the story farther, to play together, to explore together, and to enjoy the novelty of a great book.

Fifty Books to Enjoy with Kids offers parents a summer reading program for young children, those who are often left out of library and bookstore programs. Preschoolers are people, too! But the stories listed will appeal to readers of all ages.

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Here’s what the book provides:

  • A reading guide of 50 books and a synopsis for each
  • Links to the World Cat library catalog so parents can easily find the books in their local library
  • Extension activities, recipes, and field trip ideas for each book on the list
  • Printable reading logs for kids to track their books
  • Printable book marks in full color as well as blank ones for kids to color themselves
  • Reading awards for a job well done

(The fifty books are NOT included, but this reading list will help you get to them and to enjoy them with your kids.)

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List price: $4.99

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