Organizing Life as MOM – Redesigned and Updated Ebook

Organizing Life as MOM, an ebook designed to equip you and inspire you to get your act together, continues to be a great success amongst LifeasMOM readers. I know that these planning pages have changed my life! I hope they can help you, too.

Redesigned and updated — and continually expanding.

Not only does the ebook include 3 different calendars (17 months covering August 2013 through December 2014), but it also features 12 MORE fillable and printable planning pages than the 2011-2012 version. This book keeps getting bigger and better!

Here’s what you get in the 173 198 pages of Organizing Life as MOM:

  • exercises to guide you in refining your goals as a mother or family manager
  • inspiration to simplify and focus on the most important things in your life
  • real life help in organizing your different roles and responsibilities
  • 93 118 130 printable pages to help you keep track of all the comings and goings of your household
  • fillable forms to tailor to your needs and your home
  • tips for putting together a household notebook

The design is streamlined — the content updated with more helps for you and your fam. (You can see a sample here.)

Buy the updated OLAM for $9.

Organizing Life as MOM 2013-2014
198 pages of inspiration and planning pages to help you get your act together. Includes 130 printable planning worksheets and calendar pages.
Price: $9.00

Choose an add-on for your unique situation.

Add-on packages for bloggers and homeschoolers as well as Calendars a la carte!

The Blogger Pack

The 40-page Blogger Add-On Pack includes completely fillable pages for the following:

  • Daily Tasks to Complete
  • Weekly Task Calendar
  • 16-month Editorial Calendar
  • Yearly Editorial Calendar
  • Monthly Goals at a Glance
  • Blogging Goals Worksheet
  • Blog Stats Sheet
  • Ideas Page
  • Mind Map Grid
  • Series Planning Page
  • Project Page
  • Product Review Notes
  • Giveaway Record
  • Affiliate Marketing Tracker
  • Deals of the Week Tracker
  • Advertising Record
  • Accounts Receivable Sheet

Buy the Blogger Pack by itself for $5.

Blogger Pack (updated for 2014)
40-page Blogger Add-On Pack includes completely fillable pages designed for blogging purposes.
Price: $5.00

Buy the Blogger Pack and the 2012 OLAM together for $12

OLAM + Blogger Pack (updated for 2014)
The 198-page Organizing Life as MOM as well as a 40-page Blogging-themed add-on.
Price: $12.00

The Homeschool Pack

The 24-page Homeschool Add-On Pack includes completely fillable pages for the following:

  • Academic Year Calendar
  • Attendance Record
  • Kids’ Daily Docket
  • Weekly To-Do Charts for preschool, elementary, and secondary levels
  • Hour-by-Hour Weekly Schedule for individual students
  • Hour-by-Hour Weekly Schedule for the family
  • Subject Specific 36-week Planning Chart
  • Student Specific Course of Study
  • Grade/Scoring Record
  • Who am I? worksheets for the beginning and end of the school year

Buy the Homeschool Pack by itself for $5

Homeschool Pack (updated for 2014)
24 page add-on pack with customizable and fillable planning pages, designed for homeschoolers
Price: $5.00

Buy the Homeschool Pack and the 2012 OLAM together for $12

OLAM + Homeschool Pack (updated for 2013-2014)
The 198-page Organizing Life as MOM plus the Homeschool Add-on Pack
Price: $12.00

Get it all

Buy both add-on packs and the 2012 OLAM together for $15

OLAM + Blogger + Homeschool (updated for 2014)
The 198-page Organizing Life as MOM, plus both the homeschooling and blogger packs
Price: $15.00

Get just the calendars

2012 Calendar Pack

If you already own Organizing Life as MOM and just want to update your calendars, you can buy the calendar pack for just $3. These are included in the new edition, so you don’t need to buy them if you are buying the new edition.

Buy the Calendars only for $3.

2013-2014 Calendars only
Do not buy this if you already purchased the current 2013-14 version of OLAM. This is a 17-month calendar pack (already available in OLAM), August 2013 through December 2014, 2-page monthly, 1 page monthly vertical, 1 page monthly horizontal. If you bought an earlier version of OLAM, this is the update you want.
Price: $3.00

Cover designs by Joy A. Miller of FiveJsDesign