Organizing Life as MOM – Redesigned and Updated Ebook

Organizing Life as MOM, an ebook designed to equip you and inspire you to get your act together, continues to be a great success amongst LifeasMOM readers. I know that these planning pages have changed my life! I hope they can help you, too.

Redesigned and updated — and continually expanding.

Not only does the ebook include 3 different calendars (17 months covering August 2014 through December 2015), but it also features 12 MORE fillable and printable planning pages than the original version. This book keeps getting bigger and better!

Here’s what you get in the 173 198 pages of Organizing Life as MOM:

  • exercises to guide you in refining your goals as a mother or family manager
  • inspiration to simplify and focus on the most important things in your life
  • real life help in organizing your different roles and responsibilities
  • 93 118 130 printable pages to help you keep track of all the comings and goings of your household
  • fillable forms to tailor to your needs and your home
  • tips for putting together a household notebook

The design is streamlined — the content updated with more helps for you and your fam. (You can see a sample here.)

Buy the updated OLAM for $9.

Choose an add-on for your unique situation.

Add-on packages for bloggers and homeschoolers as well as Calendars a la carte!

The Blogger Pack

The 40-page Blogger Add-On Pack includes completely fillable pages for the following:

  • Daily Tasks to Complete
  • Weekly Task Calendar
  • 16-month Editorial Calendar
  • Yearly Editorial Calendar
  • Monthly Goals at a Glance
  • Blogging Goals Worksheet
  • Blog Stats Sheet
  • Ideas Page
  • Mind Map Grid
  • Series Planning Page
  • Project Page
  • Product Review Notes
  • Giveaway Record
  • Affiliate Marketing Tracker
  • Deals of the Week Tracker
  • Advertising Record
  • Accounts Receivable Sheet

Buy the Blogger Pack by itself for $5.

OLAM plus Blogger

Buy the Blogger Pack and the 2015 OLAM together for $12


The Homeschool Pack

The 24-page Homeschool Add-On Pack includes completely fillable pages for the following:

  • Academic Year Calendar
  • Attendance Record
  • Kids’ Daily Docket
  • Weekly To-Do Charts for preschool, elementary, and secondary levels
  • Hour-by-Hour Weekly Schedule for individual students
  • Hour-by-Hour Weekly Schedule for the family
  • Subject Specific 36-week Planning Chart
  • Student Specific Course of Study
  • Grade/Scoring Record
  • Who am I? worksheets for the beginning and end of the school year

Buy the Homeschool Pack by itself for $5

OLAM plus homeschool

Buy the Homeschool Pack and the 2015 OLAM together for $12

OLAM whole shebang

Get it all

Buy both add-on packs and the 2015 OLAM together for $15

Get just the calendars

2015 calendar pack image

2014-2015 Calendar Pack


If you already own Organizing Life as MOM and just want to update your calendars, you can buy the calendar pack for just $3. These are included in the new edition, so you don’t need to buy them if you are buying the new edition.

Buy the Calendars only for $3.

Cover designs by Joy A. Miller of FiveJsDesign