Grocery Geek Presents: Back in the Saddle Again

After all my moaning and groaning about bad sales, I am pleased to report that we are back in business, people! I don’t know if it was just the timing of it all or the fact that I did some sneak peeking last week, but let me tell you good times were had by this […]

Frugal Tip: Don’t Cook It If They Hate It

Remember a few weeks ago when I was cooking like a fiend? Well, I successfully stocked my freezer with about 5-6 weeks’ worth of meals. Everything from meatballs to lasagna, pasta sauce and black bean pie, chicken enchilada casserole and chicken packets. Unfortunately, not all of these meals have been smashing hits at the FishTable. […]

Big Time Sale from Money Saving Mom

Don’t forget! Money Saving Mom is having a huge summer sale this week. Get all of her ebooks today for $8.97. The price goes up again tomorrow. Go here for the details. Read my glowing praise of the woman here.

Extra! Extra! Read All About It!

As I have mentioned plenty of times before, we are the road to living debt-free. It has been a long road, at times very discouraging when it didn’t feel like we were making any headway. But, God has been so gracious to us! We know He controls the whole universe, but it’s an amazing thing […]

Extreme Something….

Give a man a fish, he’ll eat for a day.Teach a man to fish, he’ll eat for the rest of his life. Extreme Home Mismanagement here.

Grocery Geek Reports: Oh Happy Day

I mentioned Saturday morn how dismal sales had been lately. Waahh! Well, just when I thought my voyage in couponing was coming to a close, the tide has turned. You’d think I had won the lottery, I was so excited. What a geek I am! I did a little sneak peeking over at Hot Coupon […]

Grocery Geek Presents: Everything’s Relative

Everything is relative when it comes to economics. For instance, when gasoline has been up to $4.16/gallon here on the Kansas side, FishPapa’s recent sighting of $3.86 in Missouri sounded cheap! (C’mon people, it was two bucks two years ago! Hello!) The grocery store sales have been so bad lately, it makes CVS’ mediocre deals […]

Frugal Tip: Christmas Stockpiling – Don’t Go Overboard

This week we’ve talked a lot about planning ahead, buying ahead, and cooking ahead for the holidays. Just giving a few thoughts to Christmas now will help us be a little more organized (and joyful?) when the season really rolls around. But, there can be too much of a good thing. One of the things […]