Weekly Meal Plan to Print and Cook #25

Weekly Meal Plan with Grocery List #25 | Life as MOM

Are you looking for a little instant ease when it comes to kids home for summer vacation? I totally get you. Check out the Summer Survival Guide . It’s chock-full of great ideas to organize your summer and enjoy great times with yours kids.Looking for some easy meals you can whip up this week? We’ve […]

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Enjoy a Cuppa Joe on Coffee Day

Good Stuff for Coffee Day | Life as MOM

I didn’t love coffee until after college — and then it was more milk and sugar than it was coffee. Most days now I drink it simply with light coconut milk from the can. It’s a little bit naturally sweet and mixes well into the hot java. It’s better for me than the tablespoon (yes, […]

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The Week in Review

petit dejeuner

The week flew by in a flash. Some of the highlights? I worked on my book that is due Monday. I work best under pressure. That’s what I tell myself. I won’t be early on this deadline. I’m trying to tell the overachiever in me to calm down. I’m spending the weekend rereading and refining it. […]

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A Weekend Giveaway from Smuckers (CLOSED)

Smuckers Spread a Little Sunshine

This giveaway is now closed. Congrats to the winner: Fireftrjb@ As you know, we’re gearing up for a European vacation next year to celebrate our 20th anniversary. I still think it’s a joke, but we keep taking steps forward and saving pennies to see if we can make it happen. In the meantime, the kids […]

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Free Tastes Better (Frugal Friday)

Free tastes better Life as MOM

Years ago neither a coupon nor a free deal could sneak by me. It’s like I had a sixth sense. I refused to buy anything that wasn’t free or very very cheap. That was when we were “gazelle intense” about fighting our debt. Pursing the deals was a way to evade debt. We saved money […]

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7 Ways to Take Some Time Off

Take some time off Life as MOM

As moms, it’s easy to focus on the never-ending to-do list and let time for ourselves go by the wayside. “Mom Time” doesn’t need to be extravagant or an all-day affair. It can be as simple as a 20-minute break from pressing matters to catch your breath and recharge for the rest of your day. […]

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All-Natural Home Air Freshener and Carpet Deodorizer

All-Natural Air Freshener and Carpet Deodorizer

Life as MOM contributor Janel offers tips and tricks to deodorizing a home the all-natural way. This past summer, my family was “homeless.” We house-sat for various friends and acquaintances for 8 weeks in California and then spent a few weeks visiting family and driving across the country back to Virginia. Meanwhile, all of our […]

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Falling for Fun: Make a Leaf Necklace from Recycled Materials

Leaf Necklace from Recycled Materials

This easy necklace made from recycled materials is a fun craft for all ages. This post is written by Stacy from A Delightful Home. I enjoy making crafts from recycled materials. It’s fun watching something that would otherwise be discarded turn into a useful or beautiful item. Plus, it’s inexpensive. In my local area, we have to […]

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