Frugal Tip: It Doesn’t Hurt to Ask

Due to his profession as a contractor, FishPapa spends more time in Lowe’s and Home Depot than the average man. The plus side of this is that it isn’t a place that I have to worry about us getting “lost” in. We go in, we go out. It’s part of the job, rather than a […]

Stockpiling and My Chocolate Stash

So, call me crazy. But, I get really excited when I score a stockpile of items for cheap or free. Last week it was crackers and cereal. The weeks before my deals included lots of diapers. In the last few months since I started this grocery geek thing, I’ve been able to nab great deals […]

MOM Deals This Week

It’s a mixed bag this week in the Clash of the Drugstores. Walgreens was so good to me the last two weeks, they’re keeping a neck and neck race with CVS. For me this week proves to be a paper products (and chocolate!) week at both. CVS: in four trips I’ll do the diaper wipes/candy/Children’s […]

Grocery Geek Presents: Cereal Galore

After all my whining about empty pantry shelves, this week was a welcome relief to the grocery geek in me. The FishKids and I made a few trips to Walgreens to take advantage of their Kelloggs sales. I bought 12 boxes of cereal for $.25/box. Then, we were able to get the rest of what’s […]

MOM Deals: Switching Sides?

I dunno, Walgreens has been wooing me bigtime lately. Two weeks in a row I’ve found fantastic deals there and tomorrow is no different. In fact, I’ve been waiting for this next week’s sale with abated breath. Time to stock up on cereal. On the other hand, CVS hasn’t been showing a whole lot of […]

Grocery Geek Presents: Back in the Saddle Again

After all my moaning and groaning about bad sales, I am pleased to report that we are back in business, people! I don’t know if it was just the timing of it all or the fact that I did some sneak peeking last week, but let me tell you good times were had by this […]

Frugal Tip: Don’t Cook It If They Hate It

Remember a few weeks ago when I was cooking like a fiend? Well, I successfully stocked my freezer with about 5-6 weeks’ worth of meals. Everything from meatballs to lasagna, pasta sauce and black bean pie, chicken enchilada casserole and chicken packets. Unfortunately, not all of these meals have been smashing hits at the FishTable. […]

Big Time Sale from Money Saving Mom

Don’t forget! Money Saving Mom is having a huge summer sale this week. Get all of her ebooks today for $8.97. The price goes up again tomorrow. Go here for the details. Read my glowing praise of the woman here.