Getting Your Kitchen Ready for Vacation (Eat Well, Spend Less)

juicing for vacation

Are you looking for a little instant ease when it comes to kids home for summer vacation? I totally get you. Check out the Summer Survival Guide . It’s chock-full of great ideas to organize your summer and enjoy great times with yours kids.Get your kitchen ready for vacation by dealing with the food you […]

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Weekly Meal Plan to Print & Cook #13: The Staycation Plan

Tomato soup

Looking for an easy week of meals? This kid-friendly, very DIY menu plan will help you pull it off. Summer vacation is in gear for many of us. That means that while we might not necessarily be “on vacation”, we are, indeed, in a different  mode of operation than we normally are. Routines are adjusted, […]

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Because I Don’t Need It

Fun photo of girl

Last week I shared one of the things that has really encouraged me over the last few weeks. God is not surprised by the challenges and hard stuff that come our way. Rather, He knows that they are coming, and He has prepared us for them. I was reminded of a different wrinkle recently when […]

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The Week in Review

exercise shoes

What a week! It disappeared in a flash, probably because there was so much going on: time spent with both new and old friends, two birthdays, two days at the beach, an afternoon at SeaWorld, dermatology and chiropractic appointments, cookbook edits, and regular life stuff. Which let’s face it, regular life stuff is big all […]

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Eat Leftovers to Save Money and Waste Less (Frugal Friday)


This post does include Amazon affiliate links. If you make a purchase through those links, I am paid a small amount in way of advertising fees. When I read The Kitchen Counter Cooking School last year I was stunned to learn that we Americans waste about 40 percent of the food that is actually produced for […]

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Saladbration Time! (URS: Cool Food & a Giveaway) CLOSED

photo (67)

This month’s Ultimate Recipe Swap is cool food. I can’t think of a better, cooler food than a great salad with plenty of tasty toppings. This giveaway is closed. Congrats to the winners:  missz@,  larawinn@,  liliyen@ I’m a salad girl. I always have been. We’ve discussed this before, haven’t we? I’m happiest with a great salad in front […]

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Summer Goals for Mama

Nicoise Salad

Got some goals for your summer? Think about what’s most important to you this summer and make a plan to do it. We stopped doing last year’s school on Thursday of last week. Since then we’ve been going, going, going. I told a friend today that if this pace continues, I might be all worn […]

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Summer School, yes, Really.

reading 2

We finished school on Thursday of last week. We’ve been playing ever since. We’ve had house guests, two days at the beach, two birthdays, and a lot of fun in the last six days. We’re going to play, play, play, but we’re also going to keep on trucking. We’re doing summer school this year. I’m […]

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