May’s Good Cheap Eats

Are you looking for a little instant ease when it comes to kids home for summer vacation? I totally get you. Check out the Summer Survival Guide . It’s chock-full of great ideas to organize your summer and enjoy great times with yours kids.Need some good cheap eats? I gotcha covered. Things are moving at […]

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Summer Fun: Craft a Celebrate Banner

supplies for celebrate banner

Ready to celebrate the advent of summer? Print out this easy Celebrate banner craft and have a decoration to use all summer long. Summer is cause for celebration. It’s a time to scale back, not worry about signing homework folders or teaching math lessons, and relax. It’s time to say YES to your kids and […]

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Zone Defense: Organizing Your Traveling Equipment

photo (65)

This year we’re back on Zone Defense, tackling clutter and getting our homes more in order. This month, we set our sights on organizing our traveling and vacation equipment. (At my boys’ hockey games they play inspirational music during warm-ups and right before a face-off, so here’s a little music to get you going before the […]

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Take the Week Off Meal Planning


Save time, money, and effort with a meal plan. I’ve done the work for you with these free printable menu plans and grocery lists. Meal planning can absolutely boost your quality of life. Not only does it help you know what to serve for supper, but it also gives you a plan for shopping. I’ve […]

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Enjoy the Gift!

FishMama and kids

I lived a pretty over-confident childhood. For the most part, I had few self-esteem problems. (Read: I typically thought of myself more highly than I ought to have.) It wasn’t until the year of the miscarriages that I truly realized the world didn’t revolve around me. It was a hard realization. One of my take-aways was […]

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The Week In Review


I cannot tell you what a FULL week it has been. Well, I suppose I can. That’s the purpose of this post, isn’t it? You wouldn’t know it was full since my posting has been fairly scarce this past week. Last weekend Stephanie and Amy flew into San Diego. We feasted, watched FishBoy9’s hockey championship, […]

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Zone Defense: The School Room

zone defense school room

Are you on Zone Defense with us this year? We’re moving through the house, zone by zone, tackling clutter and putting things in order. This year, we’re on Zone Defense. Each month’s challenge is to tackle a different area of the home, setting it to rights, dejunking and decluttering, and otherwise organizing that space. This […]

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7 Reasons to Be Frugal (Frugal Friday)

money bracelet

Being frugal isn’t easy, but it is important. Here are seven reasons why you should practice frugality. As we discussed not too long ago, it can be hard to maintain money-saving stamina. You know that there are greater goals at hand. You know that spending money wisely will pay off in the long run. You […]

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