Dinner on the Run (FREE Downloadable Freezer Cooking Plan)

lemon chicken for freezer

Are you looking for a little instant ease when it comes to kids home for summer vacation? I totally get you. Check out the Summer Survival Guide . It’s chock-full of great ideas to organize your summer and enjoy great times with yours kids.Got busy nights this spring with school practices, recitals, and school events? […]

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Weekend Giveaway from Thirty-One Gifts (CLOSED)

thirty-one gifts giveaway

This giveaway is now closed. Congrats to the winner: kgraesser@! This bag is one of my favorite items of summer. It’s a large utility tote from Thirty-One Gifts that I received to review years ago. It is our go-to beach and pool bag that I’ve learned to keep stocked with everything we need: towels, sunscreen, goggles, […]

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Money-Saving Stamina (Frugal Friday)

money in wallet

Six years ago, when we were deep in consumer debt, we decided that we were going to get serious about getting rid of that debt. We made that our main goal (after marriage and family). We would do whatever it took to get our financial house in order. Dave Ramsey calls this “Gazelle Intense”. We […]

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April’s Good Cheap Eats

Need some good cheap eats? I gotcha covered. May is here already! It’s my favorite month of the year, actually. My birthday. My anniversary. Mother’s Day. We call it the FishMama Trifecta. My poor husband. I get loads of attention for three days in a fifteen day period. Bwahaha. But, that’s neither here nor there, […]

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Get Out: Go Stargazing

Stargazing 8-1-2011

Stargazing is a great experience to share with your kids. Plus, it gets you outside. photo source: Martin Pettitt I was about fourteen when Halley’s Comet was visible. I remember driving out into the boondocks with family friends to get away from the city lights and hopefully spot it. I don’t think I really knew […]

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Prevent the Summer Slide in Reading

keep reading skills strong

Summer vacation will be here before you know it. Life as MOM contributor, JessieLeigh, offers suggestions on how to keep your kids’ reading skills strong over the break. Summer days… and the living’s easy! And that’s wonderful, really and truly. Unfortunately, all that “easy living” can have some undesirable results, too– like a slip-back in […]

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Get Out: Watch the Sunset

watch the sunset

Making an effort to watch the sunset is a simple way to get outdoors and take a deep breath. When was the last time that you watched the sun sink below the horizon? It’s breathtaking. It’s often a slow, steady occurrence, but it’s one worth waiting for. I have precious memories of watching the sunset […]

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Keep the Laundry Room Clean! (Zone Defense)

Keeping laundry room clean

THIS makes me happy. It gives me the feeling that at least somewhere in my house is peace and order. Forget the fact that my office is buried in piles. I can just go to the laundry room and gaze on clean surfaces. Since I came up with my new laundry system, the laundry area […]

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