Back to School Planning for a Homeschool Mom

I’m astounded that our summer vacation is already coming to a close. It has flown by. We didn’t quite do all that we intended, but we did a lot. And mostly, it turns out that what the kids and I really wanted was to veg a little. We’ve had a lot of changes over the last two years and a few quiet weeks at home were welcome, indeed. Onward and upward! Over the past month or so, I’ve been reading, reviewing, and researching our school plan for the next year. And while our How We Do School series has a few more installments, I’m going to take some time each week to talk about school planning for me as the teacher as well as for each level of students. Homeschooling is a way of life for us. While I am a total book geek, I also see all of life […]

Great Price on The Old Schoolhouse Magazine – Special Today

After 8 years of formal homeschooling, it’s now a way of life for our family. We’re always learning something new, though. And a great way to learn about homeschooling is from others who’ve gone before you. I love talking with other moms and find out what works for them. No use reinventing the wheel! The Old Schoolhouse Magazine is just that – assistance and equipping from other parents teaching their children at home. Right now they are having a great sale — today for the best price and the rest of the weekend for a good price. Grab your subscription to The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine during their four-day Fourth of July sale, and check out the craziest price on July 1 only! Receive a 2-year subscription, free Homeschooling with Heart tote bag, and five FREE E-Books for just $17.76! Updated details on this sale: The $17.76 package includes the following: […]

How We Do School: A Guest Post from Joy

Last week I shared a little bit about my educational background and how our family has gone against the grain in choosing to homeschool. Then JessieLeigh shared her story of how she and her husband came to the conclusion that public school was the best choice for their family. Today Joy, web designer extraordinaire, homeschooling whiz, and my good friend, shares how she and her husband homeschooled, public schooled, and found themselves back to teaching their children at home. Describe your family My husband, Jeff, and I have three children. Jaden, our only son, is 12 years old and is entering the 8th grade next year; Jerah is 11 and entering the 6th grade; Joely is 7 and entering the 3rd grade. We withdrew our oldest two children from public school in 2005, following their 2nd grade and Kindergarten years, and we’ve been homeschooling the last five years. Our plan […]

Planning Vacations for a Range of Ages

As you may know, our six kids are ranged in age from one to thirteen. We represent almost every developmental stage of childhood. Makes for some complex parenting. One thing we’ve struggled with over time is provide activities and to plan vacations that can suit the whole crew. Today, over at Simple Homeschool, I’m sharing ways to plan vacations and field trips for a range of ages. Pop on over and say, “Hey.”

How We Do School

I grew up in a family of educators. Both my parents as well as close family friends and several aunts, uncles, and cousins were public school teachers. Lesson plan, students, and attendance were words I understood at a very young age. I knew the inside of a classroom before I took my first steps. I eventually went on to get my teaching credential and earn a Master’s Degree in Education. I even taught high school for a few years before having children and “retiring.” Despite my own educational background, I chose something different. FishPapa and I decided long ago that we wanted to educate our children at home. While I have much respect for my friends who are teachers, of which there are many, I chose to go against the grain. I won’t say homeschooling is the only way, but I will say I think it’s the best way — […]

What Kind of School Do You Do?

Photo source: In Awe of God’s Creations So, I’m curious. I teach my children at home. But, there are many of you out there you have chosen different options for your child’s education. Would you mind sharing with me? One of my goals for the year is to make this site a place where moms can be encouraged in all areas of life. And while we have so much in common, we each walk a slightly different path. The challenges of a homeschooler are slightly different than a public schooler which are slightly different than a private schooler. So, if you don’t mind, I’d love your feedback! Just take a few minutes to complete this simple form and let me know where you are in that whole school thing. If I can’t speak to these topics, personally, I’ll find someone who can. Loading…

Homeschool Help: Managing Multiple Schedules

While I’m busily uppacking my homeschool, I’ve turned to Connie from Smockity Frocks to share how she manages the fine art of teaching many children at once. Her posts have made me laugh, so hop on over and browse her archives if you’re in need of a chuckle. Managing multiple homeschool schedules can be tricky at best. This year, five of my seven children are “in school”, which is to say they have school work to complete each day. I use a schedule from Managers of Their Homes which shows each child (and Mom!) what he or she should be doing at 30 minute intervals. In addition to that, I use this system of index cards attached to a ribbon hanging next to the schedule. Each child has a ribbon with different color cards. After an activity is finished, the child turns the card over. That way, the child and […]

Embracing The Preschool Years

Yesterday as my two-year old, soaking wet and clad in a soggy swim diaper, climbed into my fully-dressed lap, I reflected on the brevity of this season. While spending a few moments in damp shorts may seem like an inconvenience, it is a fleeting one. Judah will not always want to climb into my lap and park it. Our preschoolers will only be small for a short time. I love the quote by Jim Elliot that I came across recently, “Wherever you are, be all there.” What a lesson for parents! Relish this season of life before it flees! Spend some time today just enjoying the wonder of being two or three or four. For the rest of my article and some inspiration for fun activities to do with your preschoolers, visit this month’s Montgomery Parents magazine.