Use Clearance Baking Items Creatively (Frugal Friday)

Cake holiday clearance

Yesterday’s Birthday Cake Round Up was a testimony to the creativity of moms and home bakers. Wow! What fun stuff! Go check out all the cakes and be inspired to make your own. Baking and decorating your families celebratory cakes can be a wonderful way to eat your cake and save money, too. Not only […]

Saving Money by Learning from Your Mistakes (Frugal Friday)

bad coffee richmooremi

Often times in our endeavors to save money, we can get tunnel vision. We think about “saving money,” but sometimes forget the “cost” involved in achieving that goal. A local store has a really great deal on pepperoni. It will save you fifty cents per package over the store right around the corner. But, Store […]

What’s Your BAD Money Habit? Frugal Friday

This week is all about¬†getting good habits going. But sometimes we need to acknowledging bad habits in order to change and grow. When it comes to bad money habits….. whooeeee…. I’ve had more than a few over the years. One that still holds over, though, is that I can sometimes get so focused on money […]

Making Financial Goals (Frugal Friday)

It’s no secret. The new year is notorious for new beginnings, fresh resolve, and goal setting to get your life back on the track you want it to be on. And money matters are no exception. Making financial goals is essential to your staying solvent. To paraphrase Dave Ramsey, If you don’t tell your money […]

Create a Memory Page for the Old Year (Frugal Friday)


People spend hundreds, thousands of dollars every year on entertainment and on ways to improve themselves and their family relationships. While some of that money is very well spent, often we can find less expensive ways of having fun and learning to appreciate our families. One way that you can have fun and fall in […]

All Good Gifts (Frugal Friday)

ornament dawn huczek

Photo Source Frugal Friday has been the source of much money saving advice for quite some time. We talk money, debt, gifts, making ends meet. We talk about how to save and how to acquire. We talk about not falling behind and about getting ahead. And, yet, as Christmas approaches, just a few hours away, […]

Easy Stocking Stuffers (Frugal Friday)

Stocking Stuffers

I’ll never forget the Christmas I was seventeen. My younger siblings were 14, 12, 10, and 3. I told my mom I would take care of buying the stocking stuffers. Then I promptly forgot. Until Christmas Eve when she asked me about it. If I remember correctly, I stood there with my mouth open for […]

Enjoy the Freedom of Your Frugality


Ebenezer Scrooge was a frugal man. He pinched every penny until it screamed — bloody murder. Yet, as anyone who’s seen A Christmas Carol knows, he didn’t enjoy his life. His frugality kept him in bondage. Certainly there are seasons of life when frugality serves us. In fact, there are seasons of life when frugality […]