How to Have a Baby on the Cheap (Frugal Friday)

Every year you hear statistics of how much it costs to raise a child. The number is staggering, but I think sometimes misleading. While some costs are non-negotiable in life, there are things we can do to cut expenses and not go into hock while we raise a family. Here are some of things couples […]

8 Ways to Get Out of Debt (Frugal Friday)

Almost two years ago, we paid off our last bit of consumer debt: car, truck, credit cards. It’s amazing to me how different our life is today than it was when we first started tackling our debtor’s ways back in 2007. Life is much more calm and peaceful. It took us a year and a […]

Gearing Up for the Holidays (Frugal Friday)

Even though Christmas is still several weeks away, I know that it will be here in the twinkling of an eye. And since I want to enjoy the season as much as possible and NOT get caught up in the craziness that often accompanies Christmas, I’m doing a few things to gear up. 1. Start […]

Saving My Milk Money (Frugal Friday)

Last week as I recounted our vacation story, I had to laugh about our Krispy Kreme adventure.It definitely was a perfect example of a frugality at work. I would have cringed as a teenager…. It was no big deal. Nothing earth shattering. An hour or two into our drive we stopped at the donut shop […]

5 Simple Gifts to Make (Frugal Friday)

Christmas is coming, the goose is getting fat…. OK. I know, fall has just begun. But, Christmas is just a short ways away. And if you want to make your presents this year, now would be a good time to start thinking about that, if you haven’t already. Making homemade gifts can be an excellent […]

Fall Decor on a Dime (Frugal Friday)

I am not strong in home decor. In fact, if it weren’t for FishPapa’s sense of style…. oy, I don’t even want to think about it. My friends have always been stunned that my husband cares about interior design, but as a project designer and builder, he’s got a great eye for what works. And […]

Finding Cookbooks for Less (Frugal Friday)

- Today’s Frugal Friday is brought to you by Lynn from Lynn’s Kitchen Adventures – I love to collect cookbooks and I have quite a collection. Some of my cookbooks I have purchased new, some have been given to me as gifts, but many of my cookbooks are ones that I have purchased used. In […]

Do You Save Condiment Packets? (Frugal Friday)

Frugalites get hassled a lot. Those of us who want to be good stewards of our resources might be mocked for some of our frugal ways. Ah, such is life, when you go against the stream. That’s not to say that some people go to pretty far extremes when it comes to saving a dime. […]