Summer Giveaways Winners

Thanks to everyone who played in last week’s giveaways. Here are the winners of the giveaways as well as the answers to the trivia questions. Winners were chosen at random thanks to What amusement park did we take the FishKids to this Spring? Legolandone copy of The Summer Book by Susan Branch goes to […]

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Coming Clean: Week Two


Continuing my top-to-bottom house cleaning venture, this week I tackled the playroom, living room and kitchen. PLAYROOMOver the years we’ve been blessed to have bedrooms big enough to bunk the boys together. In the last two homes, this has freed up an extra room as a designated play space. Since I’m not the most diligent […]

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Celebrating Summer with Giveaways!

TIME’s UP! THANKS FOR PLAYING. WINNERS WILL BE ANNOUNCED LATER TODAY. There are lots of fun prizes to win this week. Check in everyday for your chance to win: a copy of The Summer Book by Susan Branch one of three copies of Frommer’s 100 Places to Take Your Kids Before They Grow Up a […]

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Grocery Geek Presents: A Good Haul


Fresh fruit season is upon us! I’m so thankful for our local health food store. It’s pretty much my “go to” place for good deals on fresh produce. Neither the big chain grocers nor the farmer’s market can compare when it comes to price. The kids and I made the treck after our free movie […]

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Ingredients for a Fun Friday Night


Homemade Pizza, Salad, and a Movie. Does it get better than that? (Throw in some lemonade or rootbeer and a few cute signs so you don’t go batty repeating what kind of pizza it is.)

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Frugal Friday: Dejunk, Organize, and Clean


With the beginning of summer vacation, I made the decision to clean our house from top to bottom. What I anticipated taking two weeks is going to take a little longer. Life continues to go on while I’ve sequestered myself in a room cleaning. This means that laundry, meals, and Lego explosions still happen. I […]

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Ultimate Recipe Swap: Feeding a Crowd


Summertime seems to be the season of get-togethers. Family reunions, birthday parties, softball team barbecues, graduation parties, and 4th of July get-togethers all congregate during the summer months. My inner Martha loves this. There’s nothing more exhilarating to me to have a crowd come feed at my house. Good thing I was born into a […]

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Celebrating Summer with Giveaways! Win Clorox Bleach


TIME’s UP! THANKS FOR PLAYING. WINNERS WILL BE ANNOUNCED LATER TODAY. In light of my summer cleaning frenzy, it only makes sense to host a giveaway for Clorox Bleach. According to 25 Ways to Save Energy and Money from ConsumerReports, the average family could save about $60 a year by simply using cold water rather […]

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