Guest Post: Too Many Kids


Judy Crawford is a wife, a mother to four, a music teacher, a seamstress, a writer, and a speaker. Judy has also authored an insightful and humorous devotional for moms, entitled Time-Out for Tired Moms. The following is her take on how sweet it is to be a mom. I hope you are encouraged. To […]

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Celebrating Summer with Giveaways: Time Out for Tired Moms


TIME’s UP! THANKS FOR PLAYING. WINNERS WILL BE ANNOUNCED LATER TODAY. Judy Crawford is a mom who can relate to you. She’s juggled life with young children. She’s carpooled and cooked and cleaned — and she can still keep a smile on her face. She’s also written a devotional for moms, entitled, Time-Out for Tired […]

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How Much Does It Cost You To Eat?

Over at Good (& Cheap) Eats today I’m asking about food budgets and goals for improvement. I hope you’ll join the conversation.

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Celebrating Summer with Giveaways: 100 Places to Take Your Kids Before They Grow Up


TIME’s UP! THANKS FOR PLAYING. WINNERS WILL BE ANNOUNCED LATER TODAY. This week I’m celebrating the official arrival of summer with a week’s worth of giveaways. You know that time is just slip sliding away. Let’s make the most of these minutes we have with our children. Today I have three copies of Frommer’s 100 […]

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Camp Wannalaffalotta: Heading to the Great Outdoors


In case you didn’t know this coming Saturday is the Great American Backyard Campout. Sponsored by the National Wildlife Federation, it’s a community event designed to encourage families to get outside and connect with nature. You don’t have to go far — just outside your backdoor. At to help and inspire you, this week’s Camp […]

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Meal Plan O’ the Week


I need to emphasize the word plan here. Plan doesn’t always signify that it happens. I had a meal plan last week. But, mealtimes didn’t happen exactly as I had planned. We ate omelets instead of take-out on Monday, this fantastic shrimp and pasta instead of Spaghetti and sausages on Thursday; Friday night’s Chinese Food […]

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Celebrating Summer with Giveaways: The Summer Book


TIME’s UP! THANKS FOR PLAYING. WINNERS WILL BE ANNOUNCED LATER TODAY. You know how much I love to eat and cook. Over the years I’ve made it my mission to collect beautiful and delicious cookbooks. Those written and illustrated by Susan Branch are some of my favorites. They are full of restful, whimsical illustrations, yummy […]

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Counting the Days


Every day is a bank accountAnd time is our currencySo nobody’s rich, nobody’s poorWe get 24 hours eachSo how are you gonna spendWill you invest, or squanderTry to get aheadOr help someone who’s under Teach us to count the daysTeach us to make the days countLead us in better waysThat somehow our souls forgotLife means […]

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