Giveaway: Better World Books

THIS GIVEAWAY IS NOW CLOSED. CONGRATULATIONS TO THE WINNERS #1 MICHELLENOTDAWN AND #12 TANYA. PLEASE EMAIL ME TO RECEIVE YOUR PRIZE. Another way that parents can easily green up their lifestyle or gear up for baby’s arrival in an eco-friendly way, is to buy used books, clothing, and accessories. I recently found out about a […]

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Guest Post: Planting an Orchard


Fresh fruit is such a blessing from God. No wonder He placed Adam and Eve in a garden. And growing your own – why it will make you feel like a rich woman! Today Phoebe shares her journey of how she and her family are establishing their own orchard. My husband and I decided to […]

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Guest Post: Total Green Living


Today’s guest post is from Shannon who shares how they transformed much of their everyday to more environmentally sensitive ways of living. This is meant to be read as one mom’s story of what works. As with all these green posts, my hope is that it’ll get you thinking, inspire you, and encourage you to […]

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13 Ways You Can Go Green


No doubt this week you’ve heard lots of “green” messages, both here and elsewhere. I hope that you’ve been inspired and encouraged. Please don’t feel a mandate to “change your ways, or else.” Find your groove and go with it. We certainly don’t do all that we could, and in reality, are just getting our […]

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Giveaway – Books for Growing Your Own Backyard Fruit


THIS GIVEAWAY IS NOW CLOSED. CONGRATS TO #9 MISHIA AND #29 JEANNIE! SEND ME AN EMAIL WITH YOUR MAILING ADDRESS, PLEASE. Many moons ago I had a large garden and a dozen fruit trees growing in my front yard. I was a young mom of 1 little guy back then. Oh my! My little guy […]

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Guest Post: Cloth Diapering


Diapers, diapers, diapers. If you’re a mom, there’s no way around it — you’ll be changing diapers for the next couple years. I have had a child (or more) in diapers for the past 11 years, 10 months and 15 days, give or take a day. For us, disposables have been the way to go. […]

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Guest Post: Composting


Kitchen scraps is one of the weak links in my efforts to reduce what goes out in our trashcan. We recycle everything but the green waste. Time to change that! I’ve been wanting to start a compost system for several months now. Here Jennifer explains how they do it. After reading her simple tutorial, I […]

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Links of Love: The Green Edition

There is such a wealth of do-it-yourself, save-the-environment, pinch-your-pennies things to do out there! Here are a few that I stumbled on recently. The EcoSmart blog talks about how to find natural insect repellents in your spice rack. Passionate Homemaking explains how to make reusable nursing pads. Lois offers a suggestion for never running out […]

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