Tips for Visiting Legoland

2009 Legoland 018

Anyone in your house crazy for Legos? Check out these tips for visiting Legoland California.

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Winners of Last Week’s Giveaways

Hey there! I’m Jessica. I think that motherhood should be savored, like a good piece of chocolate. But sometimes it feels like more duty than delight. Am I right? I’m working to change that. Read more about me here and this blog here. Check the giveaway post to see if you won. Please email me […]

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Some Buzz….

My kids tell me often about the documentary they saw once about how honeybees are becoming endangered. Since they pollinate up to 1/3 of the US food supply, this is of some concern — to all of us. Häagen-Dazs wants to do its part to help the bees. Buzz into any participating Häagen-Dazs Shop tomorrow, […]

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Modifications Permissible


From The Mommy Manual: Keep in mind that modifying your standards is not always a sign of laziness but sometimes of intelligent decision making. When we lower our standards because circumstances defeat us or we feel weak, we don’t feel good about the result. But when we evaluate the demands on our time, our children’s […]

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My Week – Craziness Personified


This week promises to be extremely busy. One of the things about having a large family is that when I actually get around to booking doctor and dentist appointments, we have them in droves. This week involves three dental appointments, one visit to the pediatric dermatologist, one consultation with the orthodontist, a well-baby check, and […]

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It’s OK Not to Go Overboard


I am probably in the minority when I say that. But, it’s ok not to go overboard. I had to tell myself that this weekend. You see, I had big plans for a fancy, shmancy cake for my mom this weekend. (I mean, I do have a reputation to uphold, after all.) But, my computer […]

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From Me to You


5/11/09 – THIS GIVEAWAY IS NOW CLOSED. WINNERS ARE: Kerrie mtrnter4@ Send me your mailing address, please! This has been a week of milestones…. a theme-park rite of passage, a blog birthday, and a wild two hour experience where I thought my domain name might have been hijacked. The latter proved to be rather crazy […]

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Want to Have Breakfast in Bed?

Dads and kids can follow my step-by-step tutorial here at North State Parent.

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