God is Not Surprised

god is not surprised

Are you looking for a little instant ease when it comes to kids home for summer vacation? I totally get you. Check out the Summer Survival Guide . It’s chock-full of great ideas to organize your summer and enjoy great times with yours kids.This post was originally published on June 8, 2013. I needed the […]

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The Weekly Ramble

Pear Muffins

The weekly ramble: where I blog like it’s 2004. This post does include affiliate links. If you make a purchase through those links, I am paid a small amount in way of advertising fees. Your price does not change, but your purchase indirectly helps keep this show on the road. So thanks! This was the week when […]

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Save Money on Gas with Shell Fuel Rewards Network

Shell Fuel Rewards

The following content is sponsored by Shell. This summer I’m trying to make a bigger effort to get our family out and about visiting museums and other field trippy places. And we’ve started putting family road trips back on the calendar. This means a little more time in the car and a little bit bigger gas […]

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Are we making the most of it?

pirate fairies

I realized finally the question that drives much of my living and thinking and writing. It only took me 42 years. I grew up listening to my dad talk about regrets and things he wished he had done differently. It seemed so sad. I vowed to myself that I wouldn’t live with regrets. That’s easy […]

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What to Wear in the Months after Having a Baby

What to Wear Postpartum

Life as MOM contributor Rena shares some tips on how to look your best after pregnancy. After you’ve had a baby, you hope to get right back to your old wardrobe, since it’s been so long since you’ve worn anything but maternity clothes. Unfortunately your body won’t bounce right back. Victoria Secret models who wear […]

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Make Your Beach or Pool Days a Breeze

great day at the beach

Enjoy your summer and time with your family by heading to the beach or pool. Here are some tips for making it easier. A great day at the beach doesn’t just happen. Oh, when you’re ten you think it does. But, no, there was a parent or other adult working behind the scenes to plan […]

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My Aunt Cass, Wonder Woman

aunt cass confetti

The following post is sponsored by Hallmark: Disclosure: I have been compensated for my time spent writing. I have also been sent free product samples. All opinions are my own. Before there was the internet, there was mail. Sigh. I love mail. As a child I would stand by the window watching for the mail […]

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Our Summer School: Getting Out and About

girls at museum

Make weekly outings a summer learning experience. Last year I had great big dreams for a summer school that was lively and unique. We were going to read great literature, get ahead with math, learn filmmaking and cooking and basically expand our horizons beyond our wildest dreams. Bwahaha. Can you hear me knock over end […]

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