Mom Food: Start the Day out Right

Mom Food Breakfast

Are you looking for a little instant ease when it comes to kids home for summer vacation? I totally get you. Check out the Summer Survival Guide . It’s chock-full of great ideas to organize your summer and enjoy great times with yours kids. As moms, it’s so easy to get caught up in the […]

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Buy It if It’s Better Already Made

buy it if you need to

This month I am posting about DIY Convenience Foods over on Good Cheap Eats. The irony of today’s time-saving tip is not lost on me. I’ve found that there are foods and there are seasons of life when it’s simply easier and better to buy it if you need to, as opposed to making something […]

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Head to the Pumpkin Patch (Falling for Fun)

fishkids pumpkins

Take your children to the local pumpkin patch for some fresh air and a little fall adventure. Ever since my firstborn could walk, the pumpkin patch has proven to be an excellent fall adventure. Check out how little he was! We’ve lived in two states and a number of different communities. We’ve taken my kids […]

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Have a Backup Plan & Save Time in the Kitchen

Have a Backup Plan to Save Time in the Kitchen | Life as MOM

Today is Day 28 of the Kitchen Time Savers series. Check out the series and find out how you can get in and out of the kitchen. How many times has your dinner plan backfired on you? For me, at least once a week, if not more often. What I’ve found is that one of three […]

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A Review of Mr. Penumbra’s 24-Hour Magic Bookstore (Booking It)


Please know that this post does include Amazon affiliate links. If you make a purchase through those links, I am paid a small amount in way of advertising fees. It was so fun for Booking It last month  to all three read the same book and give three perspectives on the novel, that we decided to […]

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Build Your Meals from Like Ingredients to Save Time

Use Common Ingredients to Save Time | Life as MOM

One of the easiest ways to make good use of your time in the kitchen — and maybe reduce it — is to build your meals from like ingredients. That means you might cook a huge batch of chicken one night and serve it as a main dish. You might make Flautas with some of […]

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Weekly Meal Plan to Print & Cook #28

Weekly Meal Plan with Grocery List #28 | Life as MOM

Looking for some easy meals you can whip up this week? We’ve gotcha covered with slow cooker chicken, hot Italian beef sandwiches, stone soup, macaroni and cheese, and queso fundido. Hot Italian Beef Sandwiches on Homemade Rolls Are you at that point in the semester where the newness is starting to rub off and the […]

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Love Your Life: Get real with yourself.


Believe it or not, I’m still figuring this whole mom thing out, sixteen years into it. I feel like I’m 25, but the crows’ feet tell me otherwise. I recently had a chance to speak to a group of moms who really were 25. I narrowed my talk down to four things that I think can help […]

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