Planning for a Sweet Treat, Dessert Ideas, & a Yoplait Splitz Giveaway

See that? That was my effort to surprise my kids with ice cream cones one night while they were out riding bikes.

Word to the wiser: a muffin tin is not a stable carrier for ice cream cones.

They wobbled to the floor and this is the mess I picked up. Of course, those made up the last of the ice cream and cones. Good thing that night, my dessert was a covert operation. I might have had lots of disappointed kids.

It seems that my kids ask almost every night if we can have dessert. And sometimes I say yes and sometimes I don’t. I realized recently that I was being a little arbitrary in my yeses and nos. There was no rhyme or reason except if I felt annoyed by the idea of the mess or if I felt like being a Yes Mom.

After some thought, I’ve decided that to plan for dessert. Yes, really. They are gonna ask, so I might as well have an answer. However, ice cream cones every night is not something that I want for healthy teeth and bodies.

Satisfy the Sweet Tooth

One of the sweet things about my kids is that they don’t need ice cream, candy and cakes in order to feel that they’ve had dessert. A baked good, a smoothie, or a frozen yogurt can satisfy their cravings.

Some of our favorites:

Yoplait Splitz

Recently we got to try a new product from Yoplait called Splitz. It’s a layered yogurt treat that has no artificial flavors or sweeteners and no high-fructose corn syrup. It comes in three flavors: Rainbow Sherbet, Strawberry Banana Split, and Strawberry Sundae. We had ours cold from the fridge, but you can also toss them in the freezer for a frozen snack.

Yoplait Splitz is a very sweet yogurt, so I would prefer to serve it as a dessert. Try it for yourself and see. Currently, you can also download a coupon for Yoplait Splitz which is good in many states, but not all. Couple the coupon with a sale to get better savings.

Win some!

This weekend I have a Yoplait Splitz prize pack to give away. One winner will receive a free package of YoSplitz, an insulated carry tote, and a roll up fleece picnic blanket.

To enter: simply leave a comment, telling us your favorite sweet treat.

Giveaway will be open until Sunday night, August 15, at 8 pm. PST. Winners to be chosen at random and notified via email. Please respond within 48 hours of the email being sent otherwise I may have to choose an alternate winner. GIVEAWAY IS NOW CLOSED. Congratulations to the winner: beckyson25

Disclosure: Yoplait and My Blog Spark provided me with product information and a Yoplait Splitz prize pack as well as one to giveaway. I was not compensated to publish positive comments. Please see my disclosure policy for more information.

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  1. My favorite sweet treat right now is ice cream. Becomes brownies once the weather turns cooler.

  2. Bonnie Reamy says:

    My favorite treat – anything containing chocolate!!!

  3. I agree that you don’t need an unhealthy treat to satisfy a sweet craving. When I was growing up we never had dessert but we did have treats of many of the items on your list, including fruit leathers, muffins, and flavored yogurt. Now that I can indulge my sweet tooth I’m probably worse off than when my mom ran my nutrition as a kid! My favorite sweet treat is definitely ice cream.

  4. I love ice cream sandwiches!

  5. cheesecake, the real deal, New York style

  6. my son loves fruit. many nights dessert is a fruit cup

  7. My favorite and my family’s favorite is a chewy pumpkin,granola brownie. We make pumpkin spice granola and store it so we can make these whenever we want. I first discovered theses at a fancy restaurant but they were very offended when I asked how they made them. So I bought one,brought it home, and replicated it from taste, and even improved the crust! Love em!!

  8. It depends on the season. In the spring, its fresh fruit. Summer is ice cream. Fall and winter are freshly baked chocolate chip cookies or brownies!

  9. Anything chocolate!
    kelly_rose01 at yahoo dot com

  10. Chocolate cake!

  11. It depends on the temperature outside on what my favorite dessert is! With the heat outside, it’s something cool like ice cream or frozen yogurt or even angel food cake with fresh fruit.

    In the winter months it’s homemade cookies, cakes, brownies, etc!

    Can you tell that I love to bake for my family? *lol*

  12. I’m an ice cream lover, but I keep mini candy bars hidden in my bedroom so I can have a less than 100 calorie snack!

  13. This pregnant lady is enjoying icecream… delicious and COLD in the hot weather. But really, most baked desserts are on my like list… not candy so much though.

  14. My favorite sweet treat is homemade ice cream!

    I LOVE your blog! Whether I win the giveaway or not, I wanted to tell you how inspired I am when I read your blog. I am a Christian homeschooling Mom of 3 kid. Thanks for such great posts that have wonderful information!

  15. My sweet tooth varies depends on the season. But I am always always in the mood for cake! Not just any cake…white cake with white frosting. And the only time I get it is at b-day parties because I don’t make a lot of cake in my house…I would eat it all, hahaha!

  16. Oh dear…must I really admit this?? A double doozie from the Great American Cookie Company. Two soft chocolate chip cookies stuck together with gobs of yum-o-licious icing. When I walk by their store in the mall I have to turn the other way…so sad. πŸ˜‰

  17. peanut m&m’s

  18. As I am pregnant right now with #2, my absolute favorite sweet treat is chocolate marshmallow ice cream. Wait, no, it’s sour patch kids. Umm….can I change that? Blueberry muffins. Oh, heck…if it’s sweet, I’m gonna eat it.

  19. strawberries with whipped cream is our favorite summer dessert. No oven to heat the house and my stick blender whips cream in less than a minute.

  20. I like any kind of cobbler. Warm with ice cream.

  21. Shanna Ragan says:

    My favorite is anything chocolate as well!! I am a big fan of cookies, too!


  22. Right now it is fresh peach cobbler with vanilla ice cream. But it has to have come just out of the oven or it isn’t as good!

  23. Ice Cream is definitely the sweet treat choice above all others at our house.

  24. Amy Lynn Drorbaugh says:

    Anything dark chocolate-y. Lately that’s my dark chocolate-chocolate mint cookies! Yum. I need to exercise just thinking about them. πŸ™‚

  25. I love a good chocolate chip cookie!!!!

  26. Ice cream – mint chocolate chip if I want to share; butter pecan to have it all to myself!

  27. Christine says:

    Chocolate cake will win hands down every time with me!

  28. Jennifer Ott says:

    We do love our ice cream around here…along with homemade caramel popcorn. But, more often than not, when I get a craving, I make a smoothie with whatever I have on hand.

  29. Melanie Schwartzkopf says:

    Anything with chocolate in it! My favorite is probably homemade chocolate chip cookies.

  30. Sheet cake from the grocery store. I wish I was so sophisticated I craved baked Alaska, or so healthy I thought only of clementines. But I LOVE sheet cake.

  31. Chocolate – hands down. πŸ˜‰ The Yoplait Splitz has me intrigued though. I’m trying to find a happy medium on the “dessert” question here at our home. This might fit the bill.

  32. My favorite treat is macerated strawberries on a piece of sponge cake. πŸ™‚

  33. I love homemade slushies with real fruit… tasty, healthy, and refreshing!

  34. Fruit smoothies are a favorite.

  35. Cookies! Every flavor, every variety…..YUM!!!!!!!

  36. Ice cream sandwhiches are currently our favorite.

  37. I waver between cookies and cakeβ€”I love them both! They have to be homemade, though, especially the cookies.

  38. Our kids love yogurt usually but every once in a while we all head to the local Krispy Kreme and watch the doughnuts being made while sampling a few ourselves! Thanks for the great giveaways….

  39. Peggy Nagy says:

    I love chocolate. My new treat is melting peanut butter with hersheys syrup and pooring over ice cream. I am addicted. Must do extra treadmill for this but worth it.

  40. Homemade vanilla ice cream!

  41. My new favorite: Grasshopper pie! Mint chocolate chip ice cream in a chocolate Graham cracker crust!!! Yummy!

  42. My favorite treat is anything chocolate!
    Thank you!

  43. Strawberry shortcake!

  44. Catherine says:

    Pie, preferably key lime or pumpkin.

  45. We have been enjoying some chocolate covered raisins I got free.

  46. Sally McQuaid says:

    chocolate chip cookies…. YUM!!!

  47. I’m a big fan of skinny cow!

  48. my solution is to just have dessert every night. πŸ™‚

  49. Preparedmom says:

    I love fresh fruits in season like the great melons we’ve been having lately, but I also love anything chocolate!

  50. Our family really likes frozen cookie dough balls. Who knew?

  51. Cake or anything chocolate. I love to bake!

  52. Cassandra says:

    Wow…favorite sweet treat – either smoothies or strawberry shortcake! YUM

  53. My favorite treat is vanilla yogurt w/ frozen cherries and a sprinkle of grape nuts!

  54. My favorite treat is anything with caramel in it. Especially something that I don’t have to make or clean up! πŸ™‚

  55. Anything chocolate, of course!

  56. With the weather so warm right now, my favorite thing is ice cream….Bryers in particular! Cookie Dough is my favorite.

  57. Chocolate ice cream…your cones almost still looked good in that picture!

  58. Definitely my mom’s chocolate chip cookies. They are great fresh, but I prefer them straight from the freezer!

  59. My guilty pleasure are my kiddo’s organic poptarts! I think I eat more of them than they do!

  60. chocolate chip cookies!

  61. Mandy Hopson says:

    My favorite is ice cream.

  62. Thanks for the chance to win. My answer is ice cream πŸ™‚ cookies and cream ice cream to be extact.

  63. Melissa Lowrie says:

    Anything Chocolate!! πŸ™‚

  64. Ice cream for me, always. My mom usually served some sort of dessert after dinner – Jello was my dad’s favorite, but also pudding, or a fruit compote.

  65. We love fruit in the spring, in summer ice cream always wins (with caramel, for me), the fall and winter, I want any kind of warm chocolate!

  66. banana smoothies

  67. My favorite sweet treat is brownies, but strawberries are a close second!

  68. I love ice cream! I’m looking forward to tonight because it’s my weekly “treat” night and tonight it’s ICE CREAM! πŸ™‚

  69. Oooh, they sound like something my family would LOVE! Currently, our favorite evening dessert is ice cream. πŸ™‚ Since it’s summer, we’ve been surprising our daughter with it twice a week!

  70. Cindy Borer says:

    Peach cobbler with icecream is a favorite.

  71. Snickers!

  72. Breyer’s Cherry Vanilla ice cream. Yummmm!

  73. My favorite sweets always involve chocolate.

  74. Favorite sweet treats — frozen chocolate covered bananas! Yum. And the perfect thing for this 100 degree weather in Alabama!

  75. Hot fudge sundaes!

  76. My favorite sweet treat is a Dunkin’ Donuts mocha coffee coolatta.

  77. I’d have to say brownies, but as a family it’s ice cream.

  78. My absolute favorite sweet treat is creme brulee. I love it.

  79. my favorite sweet treats are baked goods! and i especially love donuts:)

  80. we like hot apple pie and vanilla ice cream but any dessert is good for the kiddos.

  81. Susan Stalzer says:

    Nothing beats fresh seasonal fruit (especially berries) with whipped cream.

  82. On a hot summer night, nothing is better than a root beer float!

  83. We love dessert! We eat lots of fruit, ice cream, cookies and brownies.

  84. Usually a bowl of fresh fruit will satisfy my sweet tooth, but now and then I go for chocolate pudding or a hand full of Hershey’s Hugs. Yum!

  85. During the summer, I love fresh fruit. But at times some decadent chocolate does taste pretty good also πŸ™‚

  86. Connie Corey says:


  87. My favorite sweet treat involves chocolate, pretty much anything with chocolate πŸ™‚

  88. I’ve never heard of splitz? We’ll have to give it a try. My kids do the same thing, they start asking for dessert every night and then get disappointed when “dessert” is cantaloupe or something. They want ICE CREAM every night. Uh, not going to happen kids!

    My favorite dessert would be cheesecake though I don’t have it often. Second up would be anything chocolate!!

  89. Anything with nuts and chocolate.

  90. Fav sweet treat….ice cream for sure!

  91. Tara LaPierre says:

    Homemade chocolate brownies!!

  92. my favorite is chocolate chip cookies! Yum!

  93. I love ice cream, with chocolate and caramel. Yum!!

  94. I have a huge sweet tooth, so I love ice cream, cake, candy, soda, etc. However, if I’m going to lose this baby weight before my baby turns 1, I need to satisfying my sweet tooth with things like yogurt.

  95. At this point in our lives I think I would have to say that smoothies are our favorite. The girls are always asking.

  96. lemon cake:)

  97. Ice cream is my personal favorite sweet treat. But in the summer time watermelon is a close second.

  98. Johnna Shortsleeves says:

    My fav…..anything CHOCOLATE πŸ™‚

  99. Annette Holbrook says:

    My favorite treat is ice cream. My husband and I usually eat some after the kids are in bed.

  100. We recently bought some fresh strawberries and turned them into chocolate covered strawberries! Mmm!

  101. Right now I’m enjoying my first from scratch decorated birthday cake. I really want to learn how to do this with ease. I’m afraid that I will go into sugar shock learning this craft! πŸ™‚

  102. Vanilla ice cream with butterscotch!

  103. Ginger H. says:

    Chocolate chip cookies!!!!

  104. We like any kind of chocolate dessert.

  105. Jennie Melvin says:

    My favorite sweet treat is ice cream. I could eat it everyday!

  106. Cooooookies! nom nom nom

  107. I love sugar cookies. A lot. πŸ™‚

  108. Anything chocolate!

  109. I have a horrible sweet tooth – especially after dinner! Pie is probably my favorite, though I don’t get it too often.

  110. I love reese pieces sundaes. Thanks for the chance.

  111. MamaCarole says:


  112. ice cream hands down! But lots of times we satisfy the sweetness with fruit. Right now we are drowning in cantaloupe….our garden has been good to us.

  113. Cold mini- m & ms! Yummy!

  114. Amy Warren says:

    Chocolate ice cream! Is there another kind!

  115. Oh my goodness… FAVORITE??! how can I choose?? As far as frozen goes…
    it’s a tie between banana split (no ice cream by the way..this is my way of lightening it up and making it SUPER yumminesssss)
    Annnd graham cracker cream sandwiches.
    I would have to go with the banana split though.. I could eat bananas all day long they are my favorite!!!
    For the banana split, I slice a banana lengthwise, but only partway so it’s still connected, then spread peanut butter (chunky or creamy, whichever I happen to have, though chunky is my favorite!) Then I wrap it in plastic wrap and freeze it (til whenever you are ready to eat it). When you want it, take it out of the wrap, drizzle chocolate and caramel syrup over it, (perhaps a few chocolate chips on a treat day πŸ˜‰ and a little whipped cream.
    SOOO-hoo-ooo good for a semi-healthy? frozen dessert!

  116. Carri Siebenmark says:

    root beer floats!

  117. One child loves full fat yogurt with rainbow sprinkles for fun and the other loves ice cream…I of course, eat the ice cream! But come fall, they both love a good fruit cobbler.

  118. I hate to say it but we are a huge ice cream family. It is our bribe to make sure the kids eat their dinner.

  119. My favorite sweet treat of all time is key lime pie – and I like key lime yogurt too. But especially in the summer lots of times fruit is all I need to satisfy my sweet tooth.

  120. My current favorite is smoothies!

  121. lemon icebox pie

  122. I love warm homemade chocolate chip cookies from the oven, better yet, top it off with ice cream. Yum!

  123. My favorite sweet treat is Rocky Road Ice Cream

  124. I’m an ice cream kinda girl.

  125. My favorite treat is ice cream!

  126. My favorite sweet treat is a sort of pie my mom made – layers of chocolate wafers alternating with sweetened whipped cream – it was even better the second day!

    nblexp at gmail dot com

  127. Just about anything bready…scones, cake, muffins, sweet bread. A carb addict I’m sure!

  128. I love cake, but my husband is an ice cream-only kind of guy, so we tend to eat that mostly. Frozen sweet yogurt sounds great, though!

  129. I love anything chocolate, I am trying to stop eating it everyday because I don’t want my baby to grow up thinking she needs it everyday too

  130. Breyers ice cream!!!

  131. we love pudding pie with some cool whip on top

  132. My fav during the summer is lemon bars!

  133. cathi carpenter says:

    Not a BIG sweets eater…but we have Bruester’s Ice Cream by us…and I NEVER say ‘no’ to those!!!! YUM….PEACH ICE CREAM! And HOMEMADE too!

  134. Ice cream and chocolate for me!! For the kids however, I do try to keep things healthier for them.

  135. I can’t choose a top favorite dessert. Variety is the spice of life! Here is one of the top. We have plain fresh fruit, cup up, most
    every evening with dinner. A little bit fancier dish is chopped apples and walnuts, mixed with vanilla yogurt, sprinkled with cinnamon. Tastes indulgent. Super healthful!

  136. Ice cream!!!

  137. what ever we have that is yummy! I’m not too picky πŸ™‚

  138. chocolate chip cookes from Doubletree!

  139. There is a farm not far from us that has an ice cream stand that sells homemade ice cream and also uses real whipped cream that would rank as my favorite sweet treat. Too bad they are only open seasonally!

  140. Ice cream and it has to be coffee ice cream. If not that then dark chocolate.

  141. My all time favorite treat is one my grandma made for me while growing up. She would make some chocolate frosting and put it in between 2 salteen crackers. Cheap, easy and yummy.

  142. Dark chocolate, every time. My husband and the children would love the yogurt though, and actually, I would too!

  143. My favorite go to dessert would be super moist brownies, from scratch of course! lol, yummy!

  144. Healthy favorite: blueberry / banana yogurt smoothie! Not so healthy: ice cream!!

  145. I’ve just discovered the best blackberry pie I have ever had, which is even better the second day. The recipe is on Pair it with vanilla ice cream on a hot summer day, and it’s one of the most refreshing taste sensations of the summer. Especially if you use berries freshly picked with your own hands. Thanks for the chance to win your prize pack.

  146. My Favorite dessert is Ice Cream in Summer-there is a Blueberry, Pomegranate (SP?) with Dark Chocolate Chunks that is just the Best I’ve ever tasted. I usually have a scoop of my fav. (I get the lite version w/ less sugar) and put a little skim milk over top-just enough cold yummy goodness to get me through-AHHH. πŸ™‚
    My Daughter needs much less sugar exposure so I give her frozen Yogurt. I buy the little ones (About 1oz. each) and stick a disposable spoon through the top and freeze. It’s better for her than Ice Cream, but she thinks she’s getting a “Popsicle” :-).

  147. I’m a brownie fan…can’t get enough of them!

  148. lesley Prochaska says:

    Home made ice cream is fun and taste the best!

  149. oooooo…sweet treats! I do love Vanilla Bean ice cream with rhubarb cobbler. But then frozen yogurt with raspberries on top is delicous too.

  150. Ice Cream is my favorite, anytime of year!

  151. MichelleH says:

    Our favorite hot weather treat is low fat chocolate soy milk and frozen banana smoothies. It tastes like a ‘bad for you’ chocolate shake, but isn’t which makes it easy to be a Yes Mom.

  152. I’m in the “anything chocolate” camp. :>) Thanks for the chance!

  153. Jennifer Foutch says:

    cherry turnovers with icing on top

  154. This time of year it is ice cream

  155. In the summer my favorite sweet treat is ice cream with a homemade topping.

  156. My favorite is homemade fruit tart:)

  157. Warm cherry pie with ice cream. Yum!!

  158. There are 2 desserts we as a family love: ice cream (mint chocolate chip and Vanilla). But the most favorite dessert my kids eat is Yogurt with fresh fruit and granola.

  159. This time of the year fruit cups and ice cream is big.

  160. Andrea Dorn says:

    My favorite sweet is a brownie sundae. Nothing adds up more sweet than that in my book.

  161. I must admit icecream is not necessarily my fav dessert but it’s our easiest ‘go to’. Usually icecream sandwich or cone, I often by myself the ‘skinny cow’ or WW brand so I don’t feel like I’m having too much fat or sugar and I buy mini cones for my daughter πŸ™‚ Having what you like but a smaller portion is always a good thing.

  162. Elizabeth says:

    My favorite sweet treat is homemade chocolate pudding…or anything chocolate for that matter! :o)

  163. Tracie Trump says:

    I love rainbow sherbet!

  164. My fav right now…peach crisp.

  165. Ice Cream!!! I even crave it when it is 10 below!!

  166. Right now an easy fast desert for my family is pudding pie. I just make a homemade graham cracker crust and two envelopes of whichever pudding my kids want that night.

  167. Homemade watermelon sorbet!

  168. I love mint chocolate chip ice cream.

  169. The chocolate chip paradise pie from Chili’s, Oh my!

  170. D ElQadah says:

    I love homemade brownies with ice cream and hot fudge

  171. My kids love fruit. So in the summer we freeze grapes for a nice healthy sweet treat. My favorite though is either, pink lemonade or ice cream.

  172. LeAnn Randolph says:

    Our favorite dessert is strawberry shortcake with fresh whipped cream.

  173. Christina says:

    I love cheesecake!

  174. My favorite? It is so hard to choose just one! I really love ice cream though!!!

  175. Joellen Foster says:


  176. Ice cream, chocolate. . . . chocolate ice cream!

  177. Kim in AZ says:

    My favorite sweet treat is currently chocolate! πŸ™‚

  178. Ice cream. though in the warm weather a warm cookie and milk is good….or a cobbler with ice cream:)

  179. I’m an ice cream girl!

  180. My favorite treat are chocolate chip cookies.

  181. Ice cream sandwiches!!

  182. Michelle Murphy says:

    Frozen yogurt with fresh strawberries!

  183. My favorite sweet treat is probably freshly baked chocolate chip cookies!

  184. Oy vey on that mess – ah well.

    My favorite treat of late is a compost cookie from momofuku’s recipe – or brownie’s with sea salt [much sweet/salt love going on here huh?]

    For dessert here I don’t plan stuff too often – I bake when I feel like and they can have a little of that after supper till it’s gone – but otherwise they can choose a treat after dinner and I’m the arbiter of what that constitutes.

    One day it might be something from the treat drawer [say, two hershey kisses] or a 100 cal bag of smart pop popcorn, another day it might be a couple of ginger snaps from the closet or a bowl of a more sugary cereal that I don’t really use for MEALS but couldn’t resist buying when it was super cheap LOL

  185. My favorite sweet treat is anything with peanut butter & chocolate.

  186. Banana pudding. Yum!

  187. Dark chocolate with sea salt! YUMMY!

  188. I bought these for my daughter the other day. She had me taste a bit, and yes, it’s very sweet, but it tastes a lot like real ice cream, so that’s a plus πŸ™‚ I put them in her lunch bag this week as a dessert πŸ™‚

    For me, I like things like creme brulee or chocolate pudding for dessert. Simple, *some* nutritional merit (ok, pushing it there) and yummy!

  189. Warm Brownies & Ice Cream Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  190. My favorite sweet treat is any baked good, preferably a slice of banana bread and a cup of tea – yumm!

  191. We love smoothies!! or milkshakes

  192. We are good with anything chocolate!

  193. Anything home baked is a favorite treat for me.

  194. I love ice cream as my sweet treat! I however have come to realize that my daughter also loves ice cream…so we have are switching to frozen yougurt and sorbets, which are slightly healthier! This sounds like a fun treat. (I also am saving up to buy an ice cream maker…so we can make our own healthy ice cream!!!)

  195. Kristen Beecham says:

    We try not to keep too many sweet treats on hand at our house…so sugar-free popcicles, yogurt cups, dry cereal, and peaches are usually the “sweet treats” at our house.

  196. Fresh peach (with apples and pears to make the peaches “stretch”) cobbler.

  197. cookie dough!

  198. We are definitely a dessert family! I don’t know that I can choose a favorite, but we do love cake and ice cream.

  199. Icream sandwiches!!!!

  200. My has to be chocolate haagen-dazs. I try not to buy it often because I eat it way too quickly.

  201. My favorite sweet treat is trail mix with chocolate chips. Yummy!

  202. ice cream on a warm brownie with hot fudge!!!!!! MMMMM. But of course I’m trying to eat better so that’s a very ocassional thing now. ;-p

  203. Graeter’s black raspberry chocolate chunk ice cream. Yum.

  204. If it has I-c-e-c-r-e-a-m in the title, Its MINE!!

  205. Rochelle Wilkerson says:

    I’m loving those little popsicles that you get by the 100’s! Esp love the orange!

  206. Homemade ice cream with a fresh peach crisp.

  207. I love ice cream, especially Cold Stone on special occasions!

  208. We love to make smoothies.

  209. Mine would have to be ice cream!

  210. Ice cream is the favorite sweet treat around here. My husband insists it’s one of the major food groups in and of itself! πŸ™‚

  211. Michelle K says:

    I love anything chocolate or vanilla ice cream. Thanks!

  212. We love ice cream!

  213. My favorite sweet treat is honestly…anything with chocolate!

  214. Michelle Hardy says:

    A favorite sweet treat for us is homemade cookies.

  215. cookies made with almond flour. so good!

  216. I love love love ice cream!! Unfortunately, I could waay too much ice cream, all the time!

  217. Doesn’t sound very decadent, but right now I’m on a yogurt with granola mixed in kick. It meets my desires for both sweet and crunchy all at once. πŸ™‚

  218. Anything sweet is my friend! It’s so hot right now I love anything frozen; ice cream, popsicles, frozen yogurt.

  219. Brownies are the bomb in our house! LOVE THEM!

  220. In the summer we get our favorite treat at a local shaved ice stand.

  221. my favorite sweet thing? must be a warm chocolate chip cookie…oooh

  222. Tracy Jerome says:

    Our favorite sweet treat this summer is definitely ice cream!

  223. I like root beer floats and hot fudge sundaes.
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  224. My favorite treat is blueberry yogurt mixed with frozen blueberries.

  225. Charlotte says:

    I like brownies.

  226. Jennifer M. says:

    Our summertime favorite sweet treat is Dairy Queen ice cream!

  227. My favorite sweet treat is chocolate ice cream!

  228. Lethea Benson says:

    My favorite sweet treat would be cheesecake~quite an indulgence, huh? But I do love my yogurt=)
    Luvdaylilies at bellsouth dot net

  229. Jennifer H. says:

    I love refreshing desserts, not foods that leave a lingering sweet taste. Mint chocolate chip ice cream is one of our faves!

  230. I think my favorite sweet is homemade chocolate chip cookies.

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