How to Be a Better Homemaker

Jessica Kitchen

Homemaking is for everyone who eats, sleeps, and relaxes in his or her home. It’s an art, and one that we can always improve in.

Make a Salad Bar to Save Time

Make a salad bar to save time

Prep all the ingredients for a salad bar and your mealtime prep will come together quickly and easily. I love salads. I’m a salad girl. I could eat salad all the live long day. Except…. when I feel too lazy to prep the ingredients. Making a salad is not difficult, but laziness gets in my […]

Make 2013 a Time to Stop and Smell the Roses

Last October I made a concentrated effort to stop and smell the roses. I walked through that month with different eyes, looking for ways to slow down and savor those quickly passing moments with my kids. As the year draws to a close, as I think about people all around me, who for differing reasons, […]

Just Sit Still

big sky

Today wraps up 31 days of stopping to smell the roses. You can read past posts here. I don’t know about you, but I’m encouraged to make sure I know what the big rocks are and to put them in first. This series has been full of teachable moments for me. I’ve been reminded that […]



Back in August, the FishBoys and FishPapa went to see the Spiderman movie. It had almost as big an impact as The Avengers did. I guess I should say moreso, since I have two Spideys in the family. One even sleeps in his super suit! Shortly after seeing the film, FishBoy8 asked if we could […]

Identify Your Stressors & Pray

sierras landscape

On any given day, I find that I’m anxious about something. It might be the van breaking down. Or a financial woe. Or just worries that I’m doing it all wrong with my kids. Often I don’t know exactly what has me mal a l’aise, but I know there is something in my life or […]

Go on a Date

fishpapa date night

Tonight we took the fam on a impromptu dinner out. It wasn’t in the plan. But, my car broke down on an errand at dinner time. Since hubby had to come help me anyway, we made a meal out of it. I’d like to say that we had deep, meaningful conversation over our rice bowls, […]

Do Something Unusual

legoland brick or treat

I just got home from taking three kids to Legoland’s Brick or Treat Party. These guys, aged 8, 10, and 11, are Legoland’s “target audience”. They were thrilled with our evening at the park. I had a blast being escorted by two Spideys and a Hawkeye. (And I was so glad that folks recognized him […]