Finding the Center Again

daylilies in the rain

The busy-ness of life can sweep us off our feet. I’m looking to reclaim some balance. This weekend as I was staring down an impossible to do list, I stumbled on Renee’s post about getting back to center. Renee always seems to have something to grab me and make me wonder how she can see […]

Practical Ways to Bless a New Mother

Kiddos with Anna

Do you have a friend with a new baby? Contributing writer, Lauren suggests some sweet ways to bless the new family. Those first few weeks of having a new little one at home are so precious. As a new mom, you just want to soak in each second because you quickly learn how fast those […]

The Birds of the Air

estuary and grumpy photographer

A simple plan actually came to fruition. FishFam goes birdwatching. So, I try to come up with these moving, inspirational, heartfelt posts for Sundays. Sundays seem to be the one “down” day for our family as hubs has had to work a lot of Saturdays so far this year. Sundays are usually the days when […]

Failures into Victories

A seeming failure may not be what you think it is. Sometimes God uses our biggest challenges to produce great victories. I tend to be the optimistic/Pollyanna type of person. (You’ve figured that out already, huh?) I can dream big dreams and envision such fun, exciting projects. Sometimes, those big dreams don’t exactly come to […]

4 Easy Things You Can Do to Take Care of You

glass of water

We’re on Zone Defense this month, putting into place a game plan for organizing home — and life. This month we’re talking about personal space. What’s more personal than your own body? Health coach Lisa Byrne offers us expert advice today. One of the paradoxes of mothering, is that it is so easy to lose […]

Are You Taking Care of You?

are you taking care of you

As we continue on Zone Defense, this month we’re talking about our personal space, including the body and how we care for it. They say that moms typically take care of everyone else except themselves. I think that probably depends on the mom. But, generally speaking, there is some truth in the idea that we […]

3 Things a Not-Yet Mom Wants from You

butterfly child

I well remember the days when I was buried in baby life and I yearned for a friend who was not-yet a mom. First, she’d be able to come help! But, second, I knew she’d bring fresh perspective like this post from Malisa, that not-yet mom I needed so long ago. Jessica‚Äôs blog was one […]

The Happiest Place on Earth

fishkids sleeping beauty castle

A few days ago we took our fam to Disneyland. It was our third visit to the Magic Kingdom since we’ve had children. In a way that is odd since I grew up going to Disneyland every year. We could. We lived 60 miles from the Matterhorn. On my first visit back after a decade+ […]