Get Out: Play at the Park

play at the park

Playing at the park is one of the easiest ways to get fresh air and exercise. Take your kids today! In my effort to get outdoors more often, I find that the easier it is, the more often we can do it. Playing at the park is one of those easy things. It doesn’t take […]

Get Out: Eat Outside

dine alfresco

Dining alfresco, eating outside, is an easy way to enjoy fresh air, sunshine, and the cool breeze. Kids also love it! It’s hard to stay inside when the weather is nice, especially if you live in a climate with vastly different seasons. You want to enjoy the great outdoors while you can! That’s what makes […]

Get Out: Go Fishing

fishing boy with pole

Fishing is a great outdoor sport to enjoy with children. Despite the irony of our last name (Fisher), neither FishPapa nor I grew up in fishing families. My cousins all know their Muskies from their trout. I, on the other hand, am absolutely clueless. A few years ago, hubs took it upon himself to learn […]

Get Out: Camp in the Backyard

Camp in the Backyard

Enjoy a camping experience with your family without leaving home! Life as MOM contributor, Janel, shares some tips for low-stress camping fun. Photo Source: Janel When I was growing up, my family did not camp. Oh sure, I went camping a few times with the Girl Scouts, but camping was not a family activity. It […]

Get Out: Hiking with Children

Take a Hike

Hiking is a great way to get exercise, explore the outdoor, and spend good time as a family. Life as MOM contributor Jessie Leigh shares her experiences hiking with the family. Though I grew up in the hills of New England, no one in my family got really involved in hiking until after I was […]

Get Out: You Belong at the Zoo

go to the zoo

Head to your local zoo for a bit of exercise, a little intellectual stimulation, and a lot of fresh air and sunshine. For years, the zoo was my go-to place for easy adventures with the kids. I had many little ones at one time, six kids under 12. Heading to the zoo was a great […]

Get Out: Hang out in the Hammock


What is more relaxing and outdoorsy than lying in a hammock? Look at those little people! Those are my (first) three sons and FishPapa about ten years ago. We splurged and bought a hammock and stand, about $200 total at Target. It was a huge expense, but seeing as both have lasted TEN years, I […]

Get Out: Go Bird Watching

go bird watching

Bird watching is a fun and unique hobby that you can practice with your kids and enjoy the great outdoors. Last year we went bird watching as a family. It was a morning filled of fresh air and exercise. And lots of birds. It was a simple affair, enhanced by the fact that a family […]