13 Recipes for Using Sweet Peppers and Hot Chiles

Now is the season for sweet peppers and hot chiles. Put them to good use in the following recipes: Peppers are my friends. While I love red bell peppers, I enjoy green ones, and spicy ones, too. Summer is the season for peppers. My dad planted something like twenty plants in his backyard this summer. […]

Using the Produce Box Tomatoes


Garden-grown tomatoes or those from your farmer are so much better than store bought. Here’s how to use up the produce box tomatoes. Tomatoes are a fun fruit to grow. (Yes, they are a fruit.) Depending on what kind of tomato plants you grow, you can have an abundance of cherry tomatoes, romas, beefsteak, and […]

What’s in the Produce Box This Week?

produce box pantry challenge july

Get a weekly produce box? Wondering what to do with all those fruits and veg? Here are some ideas to help you eat in-season and local. For a good portion of the month, my family and I are doing a Pantry Challenge. That means that I’m cutting our normal budget back a little and working […]

Using the Produce Box Peaches


Got peaches? Make some good cheap eats with this seasonal fruit from the produce box. I am drowning in peaches. This happened last summer, too. The produce box provides dozens of peaches every week. And since no one likes them cooked, we’re stuck with what to do with them. Today I tossed about 7 peaches […]

What’s in the Produce Box?

zucchini and summer squash

Do you get a weekly produce box? If so, you might find yourself lacking for ideas and creativity. You want to use up all that great yummy produce, but how? Get fresh inspiration from this week’s What’s in the Produce Box: a real live look at dealing with that CSA share. Here’s what came in this […]

Using the Produce Box Berries

Fruit Salad

Got berries? Whether your produce box is bursting, you snag a great sale, or your backyard bushes and briars are abundant with berries, berry season is upon us. You may find yourself inundated with berries: blueberries, blackberries, strawberries, raspberries, boysenberries. What a great problem to have! Eat as many as you can fresh, freeze some […]

How to Use Your Produce Box

produce box

Getting a produce box each week throughout the summer is a great way to eat healthy and local. But, it can be challenge to use it all up. This new series is here to help. A few years ago, I signed up for a local CSA. I had heard for years that participating in community-supported […]