Holiday Snow Days at Legoland

Holiday Snow Days at Legoland - Legoland has snow and skating available as part of their holiday festivities.  Plus, if you visit the park between now and January 4, 2015, you can get a free return ticket.

Who says there’s never snow in San Diego? Legoland has all the winter fun: snowballs, sledding, and ice skating during this year’s Holiday Snow Days. Last week I surprised the littles by taking them to Legoland. They didn’t know where we were going until we turned onto Legoland Drive, but they had guessed that maybe […]

Coming to BlogHer? See the Sights of San Diego

La Jolla Tidepools The blogosphere is converging in my neck of the woods later this week at the 2011 BlogHer Conference. I’ve never been before, but I’ll be attending on behalf of Mott’s. It will be a whirlwind of a weekend with my mom coming down to ride herd on the kids while I head […]

Legoland with a 2 Year Old

Last week our family spent a day roaming about Legoland, a major attraction in San Diego County. Legoland was one of the big selling points for my boys when we told them three years ago that we were moving to this area. We promised, “We’ll go to Legoland.” Thankfully, we’ve been able to keep that […]

A Visit to the San Diego Zoo Safari Park

Last month our family took the day off from business as usual and headed to a local attraction, the San Diego Zoo Safari Park. Formerly known as the San Diego Wild Animal Park, the Safari Park is one of two zoological gardens in San Diego. The famous San Diego Zoo is located in the heart […]

Are You a Lego Maniac?

Anyone in your house crazy for Legos? If so, you may enjoy a day at your nearest Legoland. And if you live in North America, then I guess your nearest Legoland would be in my backyard: Carlsbad, California, a suburb of San Diego. Last week our family took the long-awaited journey into the land of […]