Paper Clutter Triage

Mandi from Life Your Way and I have joined forces with to bring you a video series on managing your paper clutter. We’ll spend the next few months discussing strategies for managing your paper clutter. This week I address “paper clutter triage” – how to sort and distinguish the important from what can be trashed or […]

How to Shape Pizza Dough

You know how very much we love to have pizza ’round there here parts. It’s a regular part of the week. When I was a girl, the family favorite pizza parlor was ChiChi’s Pizza. If you know the San Fernando and Santa Clarita Valleys, you know what I’m talking about. Our ChiChi’s had a viewing […]

Catch LifeasMOM on YouTube

Over a year ago, I heard about this new thing called a vlog. (It’s video+blog, in case you weren’t sure.) And, though, I had no clue what I was doing, I decided to give vlogging a try. This is one of the first vlogs I made: How to Make Mexican Rice. Despite my ignorance in […]

Breakfast Freezer Cooking Vlog

Bedhead and all, I’m heading in. There is a breakfast freezer cooking video embedded in this post. Curious about freezer cooking? Consider purchasing my cookbook, Not Your Mother’s Make-Ahead and Freeze Cookbook from Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or your local bookstore. It’s chock full with over 200 freezer-friendly recipes, planning pages, shopping lists, cooking plans, […]

Freezer Cooking: Lunches and Frozen Burritos

In years gone by, the noon meal was often referred to as “dinner.” It comes from more agrarian times when folks had been working hard in the field since sunup and by noon were ready for a hearty meal. The evening meal was then referred to as “supper” and “lunch” was considered the same as […]

How to Fold a Bath Towel

Back by popular demand, another homemaking vlog. This time: how to fold a bath towel, according to my dear Aunt Cass.