Organizing Your Car, Your Purse, & Other Personal Space

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We’re on Zone Defense this year, tackling disorganization. In our game plan against clutter in our personal space, we face the car, the purse, and other personal space. As we’ve explored this month, your personal space and how well it’s maintained makes a big impact on how you feel about you, your life as mom, […]

Declutter & Clean Your Bedroom (Zone Defense)

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We’re going on Zone Defense this year, tackling clutter and reorganizing our homes to suit us and the way we live. This month we’re addressing our personal space. We’ve talked clothes closets, bathrooms, and bodies. Bodies?! Yes, bodies. This week, we’re making sense of our bedrooms or other MOM hang outs. The first area to […]

4 Easy Things You Can Do to Take Care of You

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We’re on Zone Defense this month, putting into place a game plan for organizing home — and life. This month we’re talking about personal space. What’s more personal than your own body? Health coach Lisa Byrne offers us expert advice today. One of the paradoxes of mothering, is that it is so easy to lose […]

Maintain Your Personal Space & Your Clothes Closet (Zone Defense)

small notebook closet

While your home may be in utter chaos around you, we’re going to take a non-traditional approach to tackling it. We’re going on Zone Defense this year. This week our zone is your closet. This month we’re tackling our first zone out of twelve. But, I’m kinda faking you out a bit. We’re gonna get […]

Good Reads for Organizing


Head’s up! If you make a purchase through the Amazon links in this post, I do receive a small percentage of the sale. photo source I have found that reading an organizing or decluttering book is an ideal way to get me motivated to tackle the stuff in my home. I’m also inspired by new […]

Get Your Equipment Ready (Zone Defense)

Spray Cleaner

Savvy athletes know that having the right equipment makes the game more fun to play. And so it is with home organization, you need the right equipment to do your job well. You are just itching to start cleaning your house, aren’t you? I’ve got a theme going here in case you haven’t noticed. On […]

Zone Defense Pinboards

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Are you on Zone Defense with us this year? I hope so. We’re going to be working month-by-month, zone-by-zone to get life and home in order. It’s not too late to sign up! Hop over here and join the team. It’s also the post that I’ll be updating all year long with the different plays, […]

Evaluate Your Home’s Strengths (Zone Defense)

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Assessing the playing field, that is, evaluating the strengths and weaknesses of your home can help you enact a game plan for organizing that will help you win against clutter and disorder. Ready to get into the game? Last week, I gave you a sneak peek into our game plan this year for organizing our […]