The Summer Survival Guide

Are you ready for summer? Ready to make it rock? Ready to have happy, happy children?

You can, you know. You just need one thing in your bag of tricks.

The Summer Survival Guide

Summer-Survival-Guide-coverPhineas and Ferb phrased it well,

There’s 104 days of summer vacation
And school comes along just to end it
So the annual problem for our generation
Is finding a good way to spend it.

Ain’t that the truth? Summertime, though rich in possibilities, can be a challenge for parents, especially when there are bored children about.

You gotta find a good way to spend the summer.

That’s why you need the Summer Survival Guide.

This 200+ page ebook is filled with inspiring ideas and practical suggestions for making the most of the summer as a family.

You will have a guide book for sailing through the summer with a smile.


This downloadable book includes:

:: 37 customizable planning pages, calendars, and worksheets for kids

  • a summer calendar
  • summertime checklists
  • home management worksheets
  • bookmarks for everyone
  • tshirt transfer artwork
  • scavenger hunts
  • scrapbook pages
  • and then some!

:: 100+ family-friendly book and movie suggestions

:: inspiration for home management during the summer months, addressing

  • meal planning
  • daily schedules
  • emergency preparedness
  • road trips
  • and more…

:: inspiration for family nights and summer reading

:: 16 Summertime learning themes looking at everything from Art to Zebras through

  • crafts
  • games
  • books
  • movies
  • outings
  • family fun


You can view a sample here.

Please note that you will NOT receive a physical book in the mail. This is a downloadable book that you will save to your computer.

One of the benefits of having the Summer Survival Guide in digital format is that you can customize or fill in many of the planning pages, calendars, and activity sheets, something that you cannot do with a physical book. Plus, you can print only the pages that you want, thereby conserving paper.

Check out all this good stuff:

When ordering, please make sure that you use a valid email address. If your Paypal account is not linked to a valid email account, we won’t be able to send you your download link. Please remember that you will not receive a physical book. This product is for electronic download to your computer. Make sure that you save locally before closing the download window.

The Summer Survival Guide is your passport to good times with your children this summer.

Don’t leave home without it.



I wanted to let you know how much I’ve enjoyed this ebook!! It is chock-full of wonderful ideas. I just used this guide to help plan my recent March Break with my son and my newborn and it really helped me feel more confident with handling the two of them at home :) Now I can’t wait for Summer Break! — Kelly, reader

I love this Summer Survival Guide! It has tons of activities to choose from, along with easy to use planning pages that I can just print off. I won’t have to strain my brain to keep the troops busy with fun all summer. In fact, I can see myself using this same guide for several summers in a row without repeating activities! — Connie, Smockity Frocks

Thank you SO much for this e-book.  Last year when I found your site I was really intrigued with the [idea of] Camp Wannalaffalotta.  It was the first time I had two kids home all summer with very little idea of what to do every day. But I found your site as summer was already in progress and had a hard time implementing the ideas.  I now have the next month to use your forms/checklists and ideas to create an amazing summer for my kids. — Amanda, reader

Jessica’s Summer Survival Guide is filled to the brim with ideas for entertaining kids of all ages. I look forward to putting a lot of these ideas into practice so we don’t waste any precious time with our little ones this summer or any more summers for that matter! — Courtney, reader

The Summer Survival Guide is an invaluable resource for any mom hoping to have a happy, joyful summer. From reading recommendations to meal ideas to tips for making outings easy and fun, this ebook covers it all! I found it to be amazingly comprehensive and full of fresh ideas. — JessieLeigh, Parenting the Tiniest of Miracles

We have had so much fun this week with There’s a Mouse in the House. I’m actually incorporating the mouse theme with our family activity this week. I am sending my husband and three year old on a photo scavenger hunt, I’ve included several photos of different mice objects from around the house, they will end up in the freezer where the ice cream is and we will make Sundaes. I’m so excited by your ideas! — Mary, reader