Carrot Muffins (Ultimate Recipe Swap: Baked Goods)

Ultimate Recipe Swap

This week on Good Cheap Eats, we’ve been discussing leavening agents.

FishMama say what?

What?! Leavening agents, you know. Baking soda, baking powder, yeast. These, coupled with flour, are the building blocks of baked goods. And you need to have these in your pantry at all times. Because baking is fun! Baking is economical! Baking tastes good!

Need I say more?

The Easter holiday is quickly approaching and with it come lots of opportunities for baking. I know this is true because the grocery store ads are featuring great prices on flour. So, it must be true. The sales say so. And whether you’re making hot cross buns or a delicious carrot cake, baked goods can really make a family event special.

Remember my all-purpose, mix and match muffins?

Well, I tweaked them to coordinate with the arrival of spring, turning them into Carrot Muffins with Honey Sweetened Cream Cheese. These are a great addition to any holiday breakfast. Yummy

What kind of baked goods will you be mixing up in the coming weeks?

Here’s how to participate in Ultimate Recipe Swap:

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2. If you don’t have a blog, simply post your recipe or tell us about it in the comments section.

3. Above all, please stick to topic. Today is baked goods. So if your recipe doesn’t fit, it will be deleted. Thanks for understanding.

Have a story to go along with your recipe? We’d love to hear it!


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  1. Those muffins look yumy! I’m really looking forward to Easter this year. It’s another one of those “foodie” holidays that are such fun!
    Thanks so much for hosting another great URS!

  2. you’ll never guess what I used to turn the frosting on my brownies pink……

  3. Those muffins look so good! I love that there are no unusual ingredients! I will plan to make these soon for sure. I’ve started making my own yogurt in the crockpot and it’s nice to use in recipes like baked goods because they make the final result so moist and yummy!
    Thanks for the recipe!

  4. I entered my Ciabatta bread. It is great for sandwiches with that leftover ham:-)

  5. Those look really tasty — I am especially excited to try the honey cream cheese — looks delightful!

  6. I’ve never tried honey sweetened cream cheese, I’ll have to try it!

    I’ve linked to the Pound Cake recipe I’ve always have success with. It’s so good!

  7. Can’t find the Mr. Linky to post my recipe?

  8. Had to log out and back in….there he was! Mr. Linky! Thanks for hosting this…great recipes! Definitely going to try the muffins this weekend! Great Sat. morning breakfast!

  9. Wow, Jessica, those look AWESOME! Like carrot cake…but easier. I love stuffing veggies into baked goods. If I could just figure out a way to hide some spinach in my peach cake…

  10. My boys love carrot and zucchini muffins. It’s a great way to get some extra veggies in them! Love the idea of the honey sweetened cream cheese. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  11. Yummy! I love that this is like carrot cake, but healthier and for breakfast. Honey Cream Cheese sounds delicious!

  12. Thank you for the link-up! 🙂

  13. Oooooo, those look so yummy! Definitely going to give these a try! Thanks for sharing!

  14. Your muffins look great, Jessica!

  15. Thanks so much for the linky! I can’t wait to check out some other great recipes!

  16. Yummy, I have these baking right now!

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