10 Simple Things to Enjoy on Valentine’s Day

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photo source: D Sharon Pruitt

While it can be great fun to prepare a special breakfast or cook a memorable meal for Valentine’s Day, the most important part of such a LOVE-ly day is to enjoy the simple things in life: time spent with the people you love.

Try out these easy activities to do with your kids:

1. Read a book with your kiddos.

2. Host a simple happy hour once school is over.

3. Print out some coloring pages and sit with your kids and color.

4. Dig out the cards and play a rousing game of UNO.

5. Put the baby to nap and bust out the chokable pieces.

6. Find a good movie, pop some corn, and cuddle up on the couch.

7. Make some homemade playdough and create all kinds of funky creations with your children.

8. Bust out paper, scissors, glue, and magazines and let your kids have a collage fest. Save the supplies in a box so that you have a Collage and Art Kit at the ready.

9. Surprise your kids with a DIY Smoothie Bar. Pull out whatever fruit, yogurt, and juice that you have on hand and let them go for it. You will be Mother of the Year.

10. Grab your kid and cuddle. Tell him all the things that you love about him. Pray for him.

What’s a simple thing that YOU can enjoy with your kids today?

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  1. We are going to celebrate V-day another day this week since my father in law passed away last week, thus we’re not quite prepared, it’s been very trying in so many ways. But our V-day with our girls since they are older is going to some very neat resale shops and doing either coffee or bubble tea whatever we have the druthers for, and of course being super silly that day. For dinner? Oh…..we’ll whip up something good and maybe trade some little somethings but no pressure.

    Enjoyed your great ideas for the little ones, those are wonderful.

  2. Your list is the perfect thing to have read before retiring for the night as it will be with me as a steady reminder to slow down tomorrow and just “be in love”. I needed that tonight, thank you!